Afternoon Light

Afternoon Light

Afternoon Light

This has been one of my favorite photo’s for quite some time. This is taken from Bluff knoll looking west over the Western half of the Stirling Ranges some 370km south of Perth. There were some clouds building around the summits of the peaks in the afternoon. I decided to head up at the last minute to try and get some sunset shot’s from the summit with the clouds in the picture.

I was half way up when i saw this magical light to my right. I scouted around for some foreground interest and loved the way the light hit the leaves of the grass tree. I framed it with the Eucalypts as i also liked the redness caught in the leaves.

After taking a few exposures i headed up the rest of the hill. I made it up for the sunset but unfortunately the clouds came in so i couldn’t get any shot’s i was initially after. I was more then happy with this shot though.


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10 responses to “Afternoon Light

  1. Welcome to the blog world Stephan, I look forward to see your images and travels over time ….

  2. Thanks Neil
    We’ll give it a shot 🙂

  3. Welcome!
    I’m also new to this whole blogging thingo. It’s taken me a bit to get over the word BLOG.
    Looking forward to more of your shots.

  4. Thanks Luke

    Haha, it is a little different isn’t it 🙂
    I’m usually shying away from attention, and this is sort of the complete opposite!
    Least there’s a fellow newbie out there!

  5. Welcome Stephen, im with you i have only started a couple of months ago but keep those shots coming. ill and your link to my site aswell.

  6. Thanks Clint
    Look forward to seeing more of your work

  7. Hey Stephen ,
    Nice shot , nice to see your started a blog as well .
    Thanks for the link as well Ill put yours up shortly

  8. Hey, mate. Nice of you to join us in our little photoblog network 🙂

    I’ve seen some of your work on Flickr, so looking forward to seeing some more on your blog.

    I’m putting your link up on my site just now.

  9. Hey Beau
    Yeah i’ve seen a fair bit of your work too, looks like your back into it lately though. Definitely looking forward to seeing some of your stuff too! 🙂
    I’m sure you’d have some awesome shot’s after your trip to QLD.

    Thanks for the welcome!

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