Bluff Knoll Sunrise

I was lucky enough to work down in the Stirlings for a year back in 2006. I’m a born mountain goat and fell in love with this area a long time ago. As i was working as a care taker at the retreat, i didn’t have much time to climb any hills. So to make this up i did my climbing before work. This enabled me to see many sunrises from the summit of Bluff Knoll and other mountains. This is one of the better scenes i got from these mornings.

This is looking East over the Eastern Ridge from Bluff Knoll summit. For me, it has to be one of the best ways to start a day…atop a mountain with nothing but yourself and the eagles soaring past πŸ™‚

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6 responses to “Bluff Knoll Sunrise

  1. Nice shot mate!
    I just found your blog. Im in the states and the net has been down for a couple days so I’ll add your link to my page.

  2. Thanks for that Dylan.
    Yeah sounds like you’re havin a blast!!
    Look forward to seein your shots you get from your trip!

  3. I will have a my first official image up in a couple hours so keep your eyes peeled! haha

  4. nice shot mate , will have to get down there some time looks like a great place to shot

  5. Stephen mate just wanted to say congratulations on the shots in todays paper. I just saw them. Recognised the name. I was also thinking on Friday of heading down to the Stirling Ranges to get some shots with hopefully a little snow but unfortunately don’t know the area well enough. Great shots.

  6. Thanks for that Luke. Pretty wrapped about it πŸ™‚
    It was awesome down there. Been a few years since i’ve seen snow on the Stirlings so was very nice.
    Will have some of the pics up here soon.

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