Sometimes everything just falls into place….

srwa13Every so often things fall into place, and Western Australia  experiences snow. I’ve been lucky enough to be in the Stirling Ranges on 4 occasions and it truly is a remarkable thing to see. It is usually extremely rough, with near blizzard conditions usually required to produce the white stuff.

This last Friday was one of these times where everything lined up. At the last second Friday I decided to shoot off down to my beloved Stirlings. Arriving a little after 12 I set the tent and tried to get some sleep before getting up at 5:30 again. Setting off I passed 3 groups and 1 lone walker coming back down. I was there to experience a lovely snow flurry around 7am.

There was no-one around and i had fresh snow to work with for about half an hour. I spent around 2 1/2 hrs in the snow before heading down as the masses started arriving.

Quite happy and feeling satisfied that my drive was now worthwhile i walked back down to pack up and return to Perth. While saying bye to my good friend Tony and Ayleen at the Retreat the phone rang and the Sunday Times was asking about the snow. Upon saying that i had been taking photographs they requested that i send few some photos and if they liked them, they would publish them in the paper. After all was said and done my photos got published on page 4 of today’s paper. And it was not a little insert tacked onto the bottom. I was really quite please with that. My little brush with fame, although i was outed by the pope and Mrs Spears…..haha. Anyway here’s some of the results with a couple more to come

Thanks 🙂

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3 responses to “Sometimes everything just falls into place….

  1. Great shots Stephen. Did you get payed for the shots? It’s a right shame if you didn’t.

  2. Thanks Luke.
    I’d prefer not to discuss that in a public forum if you know what i mean, but the exposure and response i have got from this has been amazing. Still pretty blown away by it all 🙂

  3. Nice shots Stephen ,
    Nice to see you got some of your work published

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