Bluff Knoll Clouds


As the Stirling Ranges rise very abruptly from the surrounding plains, they generate magnificent cloud formations around their peaks. While spending time on a summit, you can actually see clouds form in front of your eyes as the winds blow warm air which hits the mountains and rises very quickly. It is quite an experience and one I never get tired of seeing.

This was one of my more enjoyable times on Bluff Knoll. A peak I have climbed a good 60 times, with plenty more to come i hope. On this day I headed up with a couple of mates. When we reached the summit there was not a cloud to be seen. Then as it does many times, Bluff Knoll turned on a show for us. The clouds blew in around mid level, and spilled over the Eastern Ranges. They then continued to rise and enveloped us. I have been lucky to have experienced all of this before, but never had all of this on the same day.

Here is one of the shots I got on that day

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4 responses to “Bluff Knoll Clouds

  1. Hi Stephen, I love the photos that you have posted of Blff Knoll. Looks like the photo opportunites are never ending. What a great way of combining 2 hobbies. Is this a day trip, if so how long does it take to hike to the top?

  2. Hi Jayne.
    I’m glad you like my photos 🙂 It’s such a beautiful place that many shots can be taken. I still have a few more ideas tucked up my sleeve for the right day.

    As for a trip to the Stirlings, you would honestly need a few days. There’s 4 hrs driving each way. Then the Bluff Knoll climb depends on fitness. Most people take 3-4 hours return, with a small stop at the top. This last trip of mine was a joke really as i spent more time driving(8hrs) and sleeping(4hrs) then i did anything else(5hrs). But I had the urge to get down there for the snow. I know the area very well so knew what was in order, what to expect, where to go and when.

    But i doubt very much I’ll do a rushed trip like that again. I wouldn’t have done this so rushed if I didn’t have to. But in saying that it was well worth it. I don’t need a big reason to go to the Stirlings, so snow is definitely something that will make me try to get there.

    Thanks for your comments and interest. And make sure you get to spend some time down there, it’s a stunning area. You will enjoy it. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the info Stephen. My hubby and I will look at doing a trip down there soon, maybe around September. We’re new to hiking, only been on about 5 day trips on the Bibbulman Track. What camera equipment do you take. Tripods weight a tonne!

  4. That sounds good. It’s magnificent down there in spring.
    It’s extremely busy so make sure you book early. There’s a link to the retreat here on my page. I used to work there and it’s very well run. Tony and Ayleen will provide you with alot of information about the wildflowers in the area if you’re into that sort of thing. There are many great walks around Perth. Many are not really known of. Go and get the Perth walks book that is put out by DEC(formally CALM) it’s the red book. They are priceless in giving an idea for walks.

    I carry all of my gear when walking. I only have my camera, a 14-45mm and 40-150mm lenses and various filters etc. It’s usually about 7-8 kg with tripod. It’s one of the benefits of being young i spose. I do alot of walking and sports so am quite fit which helps. I started off not using a tripod but this year have changed, and now I always use it. The result speaks for itself, well worth the effort!

    Hopefully soon i’ll have some more of my shots from the local walks on here. I’ll let out the secrets as to where they can be found….silly me :-p

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