Kalbarri Gorges


Continuing further along the coast my next stop was Kalbarri. Situated 590km North of Perth, Kalbarri is a popular holiday location nestled at the mouth of the spectacular Murchison River. There are many photo opportunities to be had along the coast or inland in the amazing gorges. I was lucky to be in Kalbarri when there was a fair bit of water flowing in the gorges, I have seen many photos with not much water and it is just not quite the same.

gawa05These shot’s are taken in Z bend gorge. One of the 2 most popular and well known gorges found in the area. I loved the rock formations and colours. Late in the afternoon the red really stands out, providing me with an amazing scene to photograph. Kalbarri is definitely somewhere I hope to get back to soon

Thanks πŸ™‚

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8 responses to “Kalbarri Gorges

  1. jamiepatersonphotography

    Hi Stephen,

    I love the colours and water movement in this photo. Great work!!!

    Jamie Paterson

  2. Nice shot mate ,
    got to get back up there one time ,
    Used to live up in Kalbarri so wished i had a camera back then . Renember climbing all over them georges when i was young

  3. Nice images love the color of the rocks Stephen, what time of year was this, there seems to be a nice amount of water running?

  4. Thanks Guys
    Yeah it’s a fantastic place Kirk, would have been nice to explore the gorges! Hopefully i’ll get up there with some mates and we’ll go and tackle a few of the less touristy area’s.

    This was back in April Neal. I was so lucky with my trip to the Pilbara. Rain the week before, and rain the week after. My 2 weeks were perfect! So there was a nice lot of water through the gorges. I tried to plan it to get me up there just after the cyclones and rains went through. Worked for me this time πŸ™‚

  5. Hi Stephen,
    Nice shots, looks like it has potential for going much wider for a good stitch.
    Nice colours.

  6. Thanks Tom
    The light reflecting through the gorge really was stunning

  7. Hi Stephen,
    I like the first image the best.As you stated you were lucky to see water like that there – definitely nowhere near that amount when I was there. I love the tones and hues as well – fantastic and thanks for sharing !


  8. Hi Tony

    Yeah the top one is my favorite photo to date.
    I’m glad you liked it too.

    Thanks for dropping by πŸ™‚

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