The Pilbara, and magical Karijini National Park


If anyone has been to the Pilbara and Karijini National Park, I trust you walked away breathless. The Pilbara is such a barron land, full of the most amazing colours you will see. The red dust is unbelievable, the spinifex lovely shades ranging from green to gold, the white gums standing out create a stunning site. The main reason for me heading to the Pilbara was to explore Karijini. I was not disappointed, and will return for sure.

Located 1400km North of Perth, in between Tom Price and Newman Karijini is often referred to as the “Heart of the Pilbara”. There are a range of Gorge walks ranging in different degrees of difficulty. All Gorges are reasonably easy till they get to the Grade 6 sections, where a guide is highly recomended due to them requiring some climbing/abseiling equipment.

This image was taken from The Karijini Eco Retreat where I was camping. It gives a good indication as to the colours that can be found there. I was having my breakfast when I saw the colours start coming out as the sun got close to breaking the horizon. Quickly grabbing the camera and tripod I ran to this location not even 50m away. It really is a typical Pilbara Sunrise.

Thanks šŸ™‚

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12 responses to “The Pilbara, and magical Karijini National Park

  1. We camped at the eco retreat too. Hot showers everyday…that sealed the deal for me!

  2. Yeah the Eco Retreat is fantastic. The little tent accommodation they have look great too if a more luxurious trip of the Pilbara is in order. For me it’s my trusty lil tent that gets me through, but a shower at the end of the day is crucial when you’re in that dust!

  3. I really love this image Stephen. It looks like a piece of art that you would be proud to hang on your wall!
    Following your posts on kirk’s blog regarding monitor calibration, thought I’d mention that it comes up quite dark on my monitor (which, by the way is calibrated!)

  4. Yeah this image is quite dark for me to. I would like to se it maybe half a stop to a stop brighter

  5. Thanks Guys.
    Yeah it has a real old painting sort of feel about it.

    Yeah this is one of the images I was referring to on Kirk’s blog. And one of the reasons i’m confused as hell haha! Alot of my images I expose on the borderline to add to the atmosphere and draw out a bit more colour. But like I said, then it can come up really under exposed as this image does.
    Real weird thing is I’ve had this printed (only 6×4 at this stage) and it printed as I want it. No where near the darkness that it appears as on some monitors.

    I think these colours and brightness things are going to haunt me forever :-p Because they never seem to be consistent for me. But at least i’ll get approval from everyone with crap, uncalibrated monitors hehe šŸ™‚

  6. Hi,
    First, nice capture.
    As far as the display coming up dark, have you tried duplicating, then converting the image profile to sRGB from, I’ll assume, Adobe RGB 1998… or whatever other color space you’re currently using?
    I’ve just recently found that sRGB color space works really well for some images when displayed through a browser window.
    Give it a go and see if it helps.

  7. Hi Louis

    Thanks, I’m glad you like it.

    I just checked, and yes it is still in RGB. I will re-do some and see if that makes a difference, I think it will. For some reason I thought they were in that colour space, but obviously not.

    Thanks for that! šŸ™‚

  8. Nice capture mate ,
    Been a while since i been to that erea but deffinatly on my list of places to revisit

  9. Hey! just discovered this blog and like it a lot.

    Iv been to karijini NP heaps of times. Unfortunately its now a bit overpopulated. Doesn’t really matter as usually i camp in Bee Gorge. Nobody ever goes there…

    In 3 years time after iv learnt to drive (im currently 14) i swear i will live in the Pilbara.

    If you like Karijini check out my blog, i recently posted a few shots of it.

  10. yeah it’s a fabulous area. if you manage to live in that area you’d have to be one of the luckiest people around.

    I know what you mean, even though a large number of Australians don’t know anything about Karijini, you speak to any backpacker up that way and they have been there or are going there. So there still ends up being large numbers going through there. Would love to be on a mine in the area, get paid the big bucks and then on a day off visit Karijini…What a life šŸ™‚

  11. Hi Stephen and I’m sorry I am only now getting around to reading your blog. Have added you in Google Reader now, so blog away I’m ready šŸ™‚

    I love this shot and you’re right that Karijini is magic and I look forward to going back. This shot really says bush camping to me, so lovely to be camping out there, wake up and roll out of the swag grab camera and capture beautiful sunrise!

    It’s a bit dark though; I would up exposure by maybe a full stop (don’t burn the highlights of course) and I would also crop the bottom of the shot.

  12. Hi Flem
    It’s a pleasure to have you. And really look forward to your suggestions and tips. I’ve learnt so much from your images so will learn even more with you commenting on mine!!

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