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Kelmscott Show

Well I managed to have a bit of success in one of the local shows the other week. The Kelmscott Show has a great little photography comp each year, while no where near as big/good as the Perth Royal Show it has improved greatly in quality over the last few years. This year I finally got around to entering. It was my first real competition outside of the monthly competitions we have at the camera club. At the end of the day I was quite pleased to find that 5 out of my 9 images had received placings. 🙂 1 place in each of the categories I entered.

My first image received first in the Adults Open category, it also received the Best exhibit of that class as well. You can read more on this image in my Hancock Gorge post.

This image also receive a first place. This time in the Adults Enlargement, Nature category. The photo was taken at Rotto about 2 years ago while over there on a day trip. I was going around by myself (as i seem to always be with my photography) trying to get some nice pics of what is a beautiful island. This pelican sat still the entire time I was there. Allowing me to shoot for about 5min. What is amazing is this was taken at 1.5m with my 45-150mm lens! He didn’t mind me at all! 🙂

This image received 2nd in the Adults Enlargement, Landscape category. More info of this image can be seen in my Afternoon Light Post

The next image here received a Highly Commended (3rd) in the Adults Enlargement, Flowers category. It is a photo of some Everlastings near the Banksia Farm found in Mount Barker. I was down there last year with my Grand Parents. It is a fantastic spot, so if you’re ever going through Mt Barker, make sure you pop in and see Kevin. Have a look around and make sure you get his very interesting presentation on Banksia’s. The man is amazing…and a lil crazy 😛 But you will learn an incredible amount about some very fascinating plants. I promise you will be impressed with it!!

And here is the last placing. Receiving 3rd in the Adults open category. This image is a new one, fresh for the world to see (unless you have my 2009 calendar). It is taken at West Cape Howe, near Albany. While on a weekend visit to the Stirling Ranges with some mates earlier on this year, we did our mandatory “macca’s run” to Albany, I decided to take them along the 4wd tracks out to the point. With light fading very quickly I ended up going to the first beach a track took us to. And ended up here as the light just started fading. Running down I took this image, and then a couple more. The surf was pounding and created the perfect effect for a misty scene. Appropriately named “Rocky Dreams”

I’ve been trying to make some adjustments with my images to get them looking much better on the net. There’s still no enhancements, but i think they are now starting to appear more like they print. So I would be interested in how they appear also. My images always appear on the darker side on the net, so hopefully i’m starting to fix that 🙂


Dales Gorge, Karijini National Park

One of the most popular gorges in the park is Dales Gorge. It’s probably the least strenuous of the tourist gorges with a short decent down the cliffs and a very pleasant walk along the creek at the base, linking Fern Pool to Circular Pool.

One of the most beautiful places is found at Ferns Pool. A gorgeous pool with lush overhanging trees, completely surrounded by reeds and ferns, and then two lovely waterfalls at the end. This used to be a locals secret, but now days is almost constantly populated during the day by tourists and miners from the many nearby mine sites.


This image is Fern Pool. Unfortunately I was unable to get the image/composition I was after as people were swimming when I was there. I revisited again, but this time there were about 50 backpackers. In this image you can still see the swimmers in the bushes near the tree to the left, I had to time it for when they got into position behind it. It was the only image I was able to get without them in frame though. The swimmers did create nice ripples across the surface however, that I do quite like. It is a location I do want to do again though.


The second image here is from some pools about a third of the way down the gorge. The light started turning late in the afternoon just as I returned to this location. I love the waterfalls stepping up into the center of the image. And the sharpness of the rocks as the carve through the water. I would have liked to have got a bit wider so I could get the top waterfall a bit more in the frame, but it is as far as my lens could go. After I took this I bought Christian Fletcher’s Karijini book, and saw he’d taken one of the images from this exact location. Unfortunately for me, mine no longer looked as good…. But that’s why he’s were he is today.

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Hancock Gorge, Karijini National Park

Well after a few chaotic weeks with work, holidays and everything in between it’s time to get this blog rolling again.

I’m getting back to the rest of my images from Karijini National Park in the Pilbara, Western Australia. As i touched previously in a post it is such an amazing area, full of spectacular scenery and the most beautiful colours. Scattered throughout the national park are a number of deep gorges, carving through the dramatic sedimentary rocks. These rocks in some gorges have been polished so smoothly by the small creeks that flow through them. Small that is untill after rain when they turn into a ferocious torrent of water. At the base of the gorges with the creeks is where Karijini hides it’s treasures for any photographer.

Hancock Gorge was my favourite out of the tourist gorges. Most of the time the gorge is 100m deep, and at some stages not even 1m wide. It creates a fantastic climb into the depths, and what has to be the most magical spot…The heart of Karijini- Kermits Pool. It is one of the most beautiful places I have been to.

I wandered into the gorge just after first light which enabled me to be in this place by myself. This not only allowed me to shoot the location without any hassles, but allowed me to sit there and enjoy it. Take it all in, imagine the thundering water and forces that have been in the area to create such a special place. Any time in the afternoon, you will have to be prepared to share with a good 30 backpackers….that, is a very different experience!! :p kawa11

The first shot is really the trademark shot for Kermits Pool. I usually try and stay away from the usual shot’s, and try and get my own view point or composition. This isn’t really possible from this vantage point but it is too good a scene to pass up. I think this cavern is perfectly made for a photo, I honestly don’t think you can go wrong with it.

The second image is taken from the other side of the pool just before it drops away into Regans Pool in the afternoon (after the backpackers left). I was amazed at the different colours found in the rocks. There are further pools and sections to be explored further down, but as I was by myself with camera and gear this was as far as I went. I will be back to get right into the depths of this gorge one day. kawa16

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2009 Calendar

I’ve recently had a 2009 Landscape Calendar published. With a unique style and press printed on high quality A4 paper, these are great value for money. Very big thanks go to LAMB Print in East Perth who were fantastic throughout the entire process.

Featuring images from the Stirling Ranges and other South West locations and a personal blurb from me for each image, they are quite different to the mass produced tourist calendars seen around this time of year.

There is only a small run of 1000 available and they are available for $15 direct through me. I will let you know at the time of ordering if there will be a postage fee added to the price.
If you are interested I can be contacted via e-mail at