2009 Calendar

I’ve recently had a 2009 Landscape Calendar published. With a unique style and press printed on high quality A4 paper, these are great value for money. Very big thanks go to LAMB Print in East Perth who were fantastic throughout the entire process.

Featuring images from the Stirling Ranges and other South West locations and a personal blurb from me for each image, they are quite different to the mass produced tourist calendars seen around this time of year.

There is only a small run of 1000 available and they are available for $15 direct through me. I will let you know at the time of ordering if there will be a postage fee added to the price.
If you are interested I can be contacted via e-mail at enquiries@swilliamsphotos.com



4 responses to “2009 Calendar

  1. Wow they look great… Good choice of shots, they work well in a calender. Id buy one if i had $15 lying around but i don’t!
    i must get my work out soon…

  2. thanks Sean. they came up as good as i could have expected.
    sort of a bit of a stab in the dark to see how they go. and as my images look a hell of a lot better in print then they do through the net (i really gota work out how to get them to look better on the net!!) it’s a way to get my images out there a bit. they’re going pretty well at the moment which is good 🙂

  3. Congrats on the calender, I hope you sell a truck load, you have some very cool images al our own style that I like.

  4. Thanks Neal
    Yeah I really wanted to get something different to the mass produced calendars found everywhere. I can’t compete with their prices, but quality was definitely what I was aiming for.

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