Hancock Gorge, Karijini National Park

Well after a few chaotic weeks with work, holidays and everything in between it’s time to get this blog rolling again.

I’m getting back to the rest of my images from Karijini National Park in the Pilbara, Western Australia. As i touched previously in a post it is such an amazing area, full of spectacular scenery and the most beautiful colours. Scattered throughout the national park are a number of deep gorges, carving through the dramatic sedimentary rocks. These rocks in some gorges have been polished so smoothly by the small creeks that flow through them. Small that is untill after rain when they turn into a ferocious torrent of water. At the base of the gorges with the creeks is where Karijini hides it’s treasures for any photographer.

Hancock Gorge was my favourite out of the tourist gorges. Most of the time the gorge is 100m deep, and at some stages not even 1m wide. It creates a fantastic climb into the depths, and what has to be the most magical spot…The heart of Karijini- Kermits Pool. It is one of the most beautiful places I have been to.

I wandered into the gorge just after first light which enabled me to be in this place by myself. This not only allowed me to shoot the location without any hassles, but allowed me to sit there and enjoy it. Take it all in, imagine the thundering water and forces that have been in the area to create such a special place. Any time in the afternoon, you will have to be prepared to share with a good 30 backpackers….that, is a very different experience!! :p kawa11

The first shot is really the trademark shot for Kermits Pool. I usually try and stay away from the usual shot’s, and try and get my own view point or composition. This isn’t really possible from this vantage point but it is too good a scene to pass up. I think this cavern is perfectly made for a photo, I honestly don’t think you can go wrong with it.

The second image is taken from the other side of the pool just before it drops away into Regans Pool in the afternoon (after the backpackers left). I was amazed at the different colours found in the rocks. There are further pools and sections to be explored further down, but as I was by myself with camera and gear this was as far as I went. I will be back to get right into the depths of this gorge one day. kawa16

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6 responses to “Hancock Gorge, Karijini National Park

  1. Its a great place eh… i got down there 5:30 one morning and had the place to myself for 3 hours. I took nearly the same frames as you! These are probably better though… Awesome. Got any Weano shots?

  2. thanks man.
    yeah that’s the good thing about tourists, they like to sleep in-so if you get there early it’s fantastic. as you know that’s when these gorges are at there best. i can’t wait to get back there. gona have to be 2010 i’m afraid though šŸ˜¦

    yeah got some weano, and kalimina came up ok, and a couple from dales gorge too. will have them up over the next few days. really need to get this blog moving again. been a bit short of time lately….

  3. magnificent – i imagine it would be quite challenging with the cramped location in the gorge. the textures here are incredible. do you know if it is accessible after heavy rain or do they close it down? that would be a sight!

  4. Hi Cain

    Thanks, yeah it’s not an easy place to get a different composition unfortunately. The main Kermits pool image is basically what everyone gets, but when it looks like that you can’t help yourself!

    they close some roads after heavy rain, and the gorges. I wouldn’t like to be in there even after a light rain! seeing these gorges in person really shows what water can do, and in these narrow passage ways only a little bit of water is ferocious. in the wide parts of the gorges you quite often find flood debry 2-3m up in trees. then those 20-50m wide gorges funnel down into 1-2m wide. i was in awe the whole time i was there would be a site to see but only from on top!! šŸ™‚

    had a quick look at your blog the other day. quite informative posts you have. I am planning on returning when i get some time, it looks great!

  5. oh yeah, when I was at the far end of Knox gorge there was all of a sudden a huge roar coming down the gorge. instant thought is water!! get the F outa here! then a second later i think, there’s no water…. i then thought-must be rocks tummbling down…..looked up and nothing! quite puzzled and originally a lil shaken I continued back. to hear it again! this time i saw the RAAF training planes tear past the gorge haha

    it was not what I was expecting that’s for sure!!
    so if anyone goes to Karijini, be prepared for them!

  6. The debris – WOAH! And hearing a rumble like those jets through the gorge would be enough to soil me!

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