Dales Gorge, Karijini National Park

One of the most popular gorges in the park is Dales Gorge. It’s probably the least strenuous of the tourist gorges with a short decent down the cliffs and a very pleasant walk along the creek at the base, linking Fern Pool to Circular Pool.

One of the most beautiful places is found at Ferns Pool. A gorgeous pool with lush overhanging trees, completely surrounded by reeds and ferns, and then two lovely waterfalls at the end. This used to be a locals secret, but now days is almost constantly populated during the day by tourists and miners from the many nearby mine sites.


This image is Fern Pool. Unfortunately I was unable to get the image/composition I was after as people were swimming when I was there. I revisited again, but this time there were about 50 backpackers. In this image you can still see the swimmers in the bushes near the tree to the left, I had to time it for when they got into position behind it. It was the only image I was able to get without them in frame though. The swimmers did create nice ripples across the surface however, that I do quite like. It is a location I do want to do again though.


The second image here is from some pools about a third of the way down the gorge. The light started turning late in the afternoon just as I returned to this location. I love the waterfalls stepping up into the center of the image. And the sharpness of the rocks as the carve through the water. I would have liked to have got a bit wider so I could get the top waterfall a bit more in the frame, but it is as far as my lens could go. After I took this I bought Christian Fletcher’s Karijini book, and saw he’d taken one of the images from this exact location. Unfortunately for me, mine no longer looked as good…. But that’s why he’s were he is today.

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7 responses to “Dales Gorge, Karijini National Park

  1. Yeah Dales gorge is a great place. Unfortunately this year i didn’t go. last year i did though. 6 in the morning! -4 degrees!!
    These shots are great, But they too could be CF standard with a bit of editing. I cant help but notice these haven’t been edited. Got access to photoshop?

  2. Hi Stephen,
    Great to see that you’ve still got heaps of photos from your trip to Karijini. I’m finding it very difficult to find anything worth posting.
    Did you end up getting your monitor calibrated, because these images look quite dark to me??
    Are you going to Christian’s course?

  3. Thanks Sean.
    Yes I have photoshop, but no I don’t do any editing of my images. Has been talked about a bit. But it’s a personal preference of mine. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with editing, but it’s not me, and not what i’m trying to do. So all my images are el-natural.

  4. Hi Jayne
    No i’ve unfortunately still not been able to get one.
    I live alone in my house paying all bills and mortgage…need i say more 😛

    But yeah, a spare couple of hundred of bucks is none existent at the moment for me. I do hope to get one soon as I really want to get these images looking better on the net. Get them showing as they print. Because at this stage they don’t even come close. Something that does frustrate me as I’ve discussed before.

    And tied in with the above answer, unfortunately i’m unable to go to the course too. I would like to attend one sometime, even though I don’t use photoshop in the same way, I think it would be a fantastic experience. And I’d still come away with a lot I could use.

  5. Nice shots Stephen, They both bring back memories from a few years back. i\It’s a great place. I can’t wait to get back there.

  6. Hey Luke

    Yeah I know the feeling, I can’t wait either.
    A few more years away for me till I think I can though 😦

  7. Nice shot Stephen ,
    Been a while since iv been there love the spot but . Will have to get back there one day and get some shots

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