Kelmscott Show

Well I managed to have a bit of success in one of the local shows the other week. The Kelmscott Show has a great little photography comp each year, while no where near as big/good as the Perth Royal Show it has improved greatly in quality over the last few years. This year I finally got around to entering. It was my first real competition outside of the monthly competitions we have at the camera club. At the end of the day I was quite pleased to find that 5 out of my 9 images had received placings. πŸ™‚ 1 place in each of the categories I entered.

My first image received first in the Adults Open category, it also received the Best exhibit of that class as well. You can read more on this image in my Hancock Gorge post.

This image also receive a first place. This time in the Adults Enlargement, Nature category. The photo was taken at Rotto about 2 years ago while over there on a day trip. I was going around by myself (as i seem to always be with my photography) trying to get some nice pics of what is a beautiful island. This pelican sat still the entire time I was there. Allowing me to shoot for about 5min. What is amazing is this was taken at 1.5m with my 45-150mm lens! He didn’t mind me at all! πŸ™‚

This image received 2nd in the Adults Enlargement, Landscape category. More info of this image can be seen in my Afternoon Light Post

The next image here received a Highly Commended (3rd) in the Adults Enlargement, Flowers category. It is a photo of some Everlastings near the Banksia Farm found in Mount Barker. I was down there last year with my Grand Parents. It is a fantastic spot, so if you’re ever going through Mt Barker, make sure you pop in and see Kevin. Have a look around and make sure you get his very interesting presentation on Banksia’s. The man is amazing…and a lil crazy πŸ˜› But you will learn an incredible amount about some very fascinating plants. I promise you will be impressed with it!!

And here is the last placing. Receiving 3rd in the Adults open category. This image is a new one, fresh for the world to see (unless you have my 2009 calendar). It is taken at West Cape Howe, near Albany. While on a weekend visit to the Stirling Ranges with some mates earlier on this year, we did our mandatory “macca’s run” to Albany, I decided to take them along the 4wd tracks out to the point. With light fading very quickly I ended up going to the first beach a track took us to. And ended up here as the light just started fading. Running down I took this image, and then a couple more. The surf was pounding and created the perfect effect for a misty scene. Appropriately named “Rocky Dreams”

I’ve been trying to make some adjustments with my images to get them looking much better on the net. There’s still no enhancements, but i think they are now starting to appear more like they print. So I would be interested in how they appear also. My images always appear on the darker side on the net, so hopefully i’m starting to fix that πŸ™‚


20 responses to “Kelmscott Show

  1. Congrats Stephen, very well done !!
    My two favourite shots are the one from Hancock Gorge and the last one from the beach.

    The Hancock gorge shot has some strong leading lines and there’s just a small glimpse of another part of the gorge lit up red by the sun through that hole in the top left. Really raises viewer interest!

    Both images do appear slightly on the dark side I would agree. Just a bit of levels on these would maybe be great.

    The beach shot has some lovely tones. Makes me want to see a wider view though, I wonder why all you’re shots are 4:3 format?

    Btw the word “enhancement” with regards to post production word I find slightly misfitting. It is more like digital darkroom development. Your images has already received “enhancement” in-camera. The camera has applied white balance, sharpening, saturation and contrast and created a jpeg for you. Shooting in raw just means you do all this development yourself. I highly recommend you have a go at RAW some day!

  2. Well done! Congrats πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks Flem.

    Yeah the majority of my shots are in this format. It’s only a few that I crop in post pro to assist with composition or remove some intruding object. I don’t do any pano’s or anything like that. They look great and I enjoy viewing them, but they’re not really what i’m after in my images.

    I prefer finding a section of a scene to capture. Sometimes I can’t quite get that with the lenses I use, but it doesn’t bother me that much. Everyone seems to do pano’s now anyway. I’m not the kind of person who does something just because everyone else is doin it, I just do what I feel right doing. One day I might come across something that really makes me want to capture the whole scene, then I might give it a go.

    Yeah I’ll be moving across to RAW once I get some funds and upgrade my old old equipment. Hopefully before the end of the year i’ll be ready to go πŸ™‚
    I think i’ll then regret waiting so long, but not much I can do with all money going on bills lately. Oh what it’d be like to live at home still πŸ™‚

  4. Thanks for that Charlene!

  5. Sorry mate, my question was unclear. I didn’t mean you should crop or shoot panos or whatever, I too enjoy single shot composition.
    What I mean was usually single shots are 3:2 format from most slrs and 4:3 format is from digital compact. What camera are you using?

  6. Anne-Marie McCarthy

    Well deserved Stephen, superb photographs.
    My favourite is the Hancock Gorge one especially the water captured in the centre …. you can practically hear the falls and smell the freshness of that spot through your picture. The pelican one is another great pic, and I recognize the wildflowers from your brilliant calendar! πŸ˜‰
    Well done!

  7. Sorry Flem, I was in a hurry and didn’t read your msg properly. I get what you were referring to now πŸ™‚ I did think it a bit weird at the time that you would have meant that… I shoulda stopped and read it again.

    Um I shoot with a Olympus E-300. Good beginners DSLR. But it has out lived it’s life as a prime camera…. (*whispers-i’m sorry, i don’t mean that….you’re my only one forever) Sorry bout that, last time I talked about replacing my camera in front of it, It tried to take me down with it by summoning up a big wave while I was in a very vulnerable position!! πŸ˜› I’ve learnt my lesson! haha

    Yeah this is the only DSLR i’ve shot with, so thought it was the only way. I had noticed other images seem to be in a different ratio, just thought it had been achieved by cropping! But the tech side of photography is really not my strong point. One reason why I read your blogs so thoroughly!! The images are just a pleasant bonus….damn good bonus at that!! πŸ˜›

  8. Heheh thanks heaps mate and no worries. The Olympus uses the four thirds lens system and a four thirds sensor so yes of course it’s in 4:3 aspect ratio. It’s just me being so used to Canon and Nikon slr’s I forgot about the four thirds system.

  9. Hey Anne-Marie, Thanks for coming along! πŸ™‚

    Thanks, I love that shot. It is hard to view at the same time. When I look at it, all I want to do is pack the car and go! I really loved my trip to that region and can’t wait to return.

    Yes they were in the calendar too. A fantastic thing happened at the Pelican. I was taking my shots (1.5m away) and a large group of tourists came to the same beach. Instantly thought, well they’re going to come down, bird will get spooked. But they all stood at the top of the beach for the entire time, until i finished shooting. It’s good to see there are some people so considerate still out there πŸ™‚

  10. Yup you lost me there Flem πŸ˜›

    I will hopefully be a Canon man in the new year πŸ™‚
    I then would probably have been wondering why my images were then looking so different! lol.
    Nah, i understand what you mean, just wasn’t aware of that difference.

    But along this blog journey i’m learning a hell of a lot from you guys. And no doubt will continue to!!

    I probably should work my butt off so I can teach you something hey…. you know how to take photo’s while snorkelling???
    1st step…hold your breath. This is very critical!!
    2nd step… subject and dive
    3rd step…..expel air to create natural boyency

    I should stop now, please e-mail for more detailed instructions πŸ˜›

  11. hahahaha love the instructions mate!!! i always wondered about that holding your breath part hahaha
    Mate these images are great well done on getting the places!!
    keep up the great work

  12. thanks man.
    glad I could do my part for the photography world!! πŸ˜›

    still have a bit to catch up on the Flem’s, Christian’s and Matt’s of this world when it comes to tutorials.
    But with stuff like this how can i go wrong haha

  13. congratulations on the results Stephen ! some nice images in your collection.

  14. Thanks Tony.
    will work up to some bigger comps next year and see how we go πŸ™‚

  15. Well done on your results mate, you did bloody well! I think the Albany shot is my pic of the bunch.

  16. Thanks Luke
    That shot was meant to be I think. Only just made it!!
    It was my first beach image that I got the full result I was after. So I do have a soft spot for it also.

  17. Congrats on the results as well mate ,
    Nicelly done ,didnt know kelmscot put on a photography compotion .

  18. thanks Kirk
    yeah it’s not as big or as advertised as many other comps. but not a bad one to start with to get a bit of an idea about them. was some nice photos entered this year. i think mainly by locals which is good!

  19. Well done Stephen. They are all pretty good, I like the everlastings. Nothing like the thrill of seeing your pictures with a prize card next to them.

  20. thanks Merv

    Yeah it’s nice to get some recognition for the images.
    the comps are a good way to see other photographers work too, i really enjoy viewing and learning from other photographs.

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