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Ellis Brook

Well i’m going to take a risk here of having Flem black list me, and do a post on waterfalls.

Ellis Brook is one of my favourite locations close to Perth. It’s only about 15min away from me and I have spent many days walking the tracks leading from the top of the falls. Despite walking Lesmurdie, Kitty’s Gorge and John Forest walk tracks often as well, Ellis Brook is the only location i’ve managed to shoot properly. I do have to head out to those locations again as they are just as fantastic. This last year I didn’t get out in the bush as I would have liked, something I really want to change for next year.

Ellis Brook is one of the Darling Ranges secrets, which many people do not even know is there. Despite being not even 5 min off Tonkin Hwy, you can even see the falls when they’re flowing from the hwy!! So why i’m posting this i’m not sure 😛

Situated at the end of the valley is the stunning 60ft falls. Positioned on a seasonal creek, they take a few decent rains to start flowing each year. But when they are in full flight they are quite spectacular. The reserve is also well known for wildflowers, and during Spring is so beautiful with a huge range of wildflowers, ranging from wattle, grevillia, hakea and many different types of orchids. There usually is a number of wildflower study groups up there on weekends.


The above shot is from the base of the falls. A nice detour through the bush off the main track is rewarded with this scene. I wish I had Grad ND’s at this stage to control the sky, but I will have to return to this location to better this. I still think it’s quite effective considering.


This image here is taken at one of the cascades along the creek at the base of the valley. I think this is my favourite from Ellis Brook, at this stage anyway. I love the rocks at the top of the image. When I was shooting the falls by themselves, they really were missing something. I thought i’d try this spikey bush as some foreground and really liked the look.


This image is one of my first long exposures. I was wanting to head up to Karijini, so thought i’d probably better try some long exposures before I went! So this was a trial. Just a simple little scene with about  30sec exposure.

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Canning Show

There was another small show on a couple of weeks and I managed to follow up my success in the Kelmscott show, with a few places. Once again there was a reasonable standard of entries so I was quite pleased with the results I got 🙂

The first image here received 1st in the small sunrise/sunset category. It is an image which if it works on your monitor will look good and you’ll see the layers in the land through to the clouds and sky, but if it doesn’t, it will look really horrible (black,muddy,and really dark). Judging from my past images it will probably be the later. Sorry I can’t get them looking proper on this thing… hopefully it will come up ok though because it does come up well when printed and you can see all through the scene.

I took this on a recent trip down south with my girlfriend Alysia, who I do have to thank for this image. I’d just been shooting at the rocks in between Greens Pool and Elephant rocks in Denmark. When returning to the car I was scouting for new compositions for the next morning in Greens Pool. As we got to the steps she pointed this out to me way off in the distance to the West. I set up and took a 30sec exposure with my 150mm and just managed to have enough light to capture the scene. I love s shapes curving through a photo so the shoreline really was a beautiful subject. Then the layers in the silhouette of the land and cloud really topped it off.



The next image was taken at Yallingup Beach on the last morning of the trip. It received 3rd in the same section. After a week of horrible light I was hoping for some last minute luck and was grateful to get it. After trying a few compositions using rocks and reflections I came across this pool. I love the rocks under the water and the main rock created a nice strong focal point. It was a beautiful sunrise with the clouds lighting up quite nicely.


This image received 2nd in the sunrise/sunset enlargement. You can read more about this photo on my Karijini Post. I’ve adjusted this image since the original post to get it looking more like the print. And taken Flem’s suggestion on cropping the foreground a lil.

This image received 2nd in the small landscape category. It’s the same image I spoke briefly about in my Kelmscott Show Post. I will try and get another image up soon from the same night and a bit more info.


I received 3rd in the Landscape enlargement for this photo. More info can be found on this image in my Hancock Gorge Post.kawa161

Last shot here is a close up of the pelican I got so close to while at Rotto. It’s a very different shot to what I usually take, definitely a bit more “artsy”. I really liked the texture captured in the feathers.pewa05

Kalimina Gorge

This is the last of my posts on Karijini National Park. Kalimina Gorge really was one of my favourites. Such a pleasant walk along the base with plenty of small cascades to keep the photographer in me happy. I think it was where I got my best shot’s and my personal favourites aswell. I seemed to get the right light. My first trip into this gorge was mid afternoon, and the second was early morning. This gave me the opportunity to shoot completely different scenes. Compositions you wouldn’t even look at in the morning were just glorious in the afternoon.

The first image here was my favorite of the trip. It was on my morning trip when I saw the small cascades and small grass tree. The reflections behind were magical and I loved the ghost gum reflection surrounded by intense red light. It’s completely different to most Karijini shot’s which I think is why I enjoy it more then my Kermit’s Pool image- which as i’ve stated it is just the “normal” composition.


This next shot here jumped out at me once again on my morning shoot. There were stunning jagged rocks all pointing towards this small waterfall and reflections. I really like the texture in the water and then some awesome reflections to go along.


This image was taken on my afternoon trip. I was at the waterfall directly at the base of the stairs and to the right trying different things without much luck. On returning I saw this scene right from the path. It made it interesting for the people coming along it! But I really liked this reflection and the reeds. I used a bit of fill in flash to light the reeds slightly as the rocks on the far cliff face were extremely bright. Really restricting my composition to some extent.


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Weano Gorge-Karijini National Park

Weano Gorge is a fantastic introduction to the gorges found in Karijini. It is only a shallow gorge, compared to some of the others, therefore a fairly easy walk. It also consists of some creek crossings and some creek walking which is awesome fun. Where the path is in the water, often up to waist height. All this leads to a lovely little chamber, which I spent some time in reading a book during the heat of the day. It’s about 15 deg cooler then the surrounding area and the trickling creek running through provides the most relaxing environment. I always tried timing a gorge decent about 11, returning about 2-2:30. I hate climbing in the absolute heat.

Just around the bend from this little chamber is the spectacular Handrail Pool. A huge pool with walls reaching for the skies all around. I didn’t manage any shots from inside that chamber, but I have seen some stunning images and would like to get into that pool in the right light next time i’m there.


The first image here is the small “spider walk” section leading from the first cavern I mentioned above, down to Handrail Pool. You can just see the start of the handrail at the top of the image. It’s come up with an unusual effect due to me using a warmer white balance. And really drew out the browns in the rock. I loved the smoothness of the water running straight through the image and especially the small patches of reflected light.

The next image here is from a little pool about half way along the gorge. I think it has to be the most photographed tree in Karijini!! Making an appearance in many many photographs of this gorge. Funny thing is that most are from entirely different view points! I usually wouldn’t go for such a bright focal point. But I felt it worked when on the third. And no, that’s not a croc on the left 😛


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