Weano Gorge-Karijini National Park

Weano Gorge is a fantastic introduction to the gorges found in Karijini. It is only a shallow gorge, compared to some of the others, therefore a fairly easy walk. It also consists of some creek crossings and some creek walking which is awesome fun. Where the path is in the water, often up to waist height. All this leads to a lovely little chamber, which I spent some time in reading a book during the heat of the day. It’s about 15 deg cooler then the surrounding area and the trickling creek running through provides the most relaxing environment. I always tried timing a gorge decent about 11, returning about 2-2:30. I hate climbing in the absolute heat.

Just around the bend from this little chamber is the spectacular Handrail Pool. A huge pool with walls reaching for the skies all around. I didn’t manage any shots from inside that chamber, but I have seen some stunning images and would like to get into that pool in the right light next time i’m there.


The first image here is the small “spider walk” section leading from the first cavern I mentioned above, down to Handrail Pool. You can just see the start of the handrail at the top of the image. It’s come up with an unusual effect due to me using a warmer white balance. And really drew out the browns in the rock. I loved the smoothness of the water running straight through the image and especially the small patches of reflected light.

The next image here is from a little pool about half way along the gorge. I think it has to be the most photographed tree in Karijini!! Making an appearance in many many photographs of this gorge. Funny thing is that most are from entirely different view points! I usually wouldn’t go for such a bright focal point. But I felt it worked when on the third. And no, that’s not a croc on the left πŸ˜›


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9 responses to “Weano Gorge-Karijini National Park

  1. Great post and good images Stephen! The unusual perspective of that first shot is really interesting for the eye! The 2nd image I like but it’s quite dark. I would brighten it, especially the shadowy area (using shadow and highlight tool) to bring out the tree more.

  2. Thanks Flem.
    The first image does do well at catching peoples eye. They don’t know what the hell it is at first haha.

  3. yeah I really like the first image Stephen, very interesting colour tones and patterns

  4. Thanks Matt and welcome.
    it’s nice when you try something different and it works πŸ™‚

  5. interesting curves,lines and tectures in the first gorge shot Stephen – this post makes me want to get back to Karijini and the Pilbara ! πŸ™‚

  6. haha that is the problem with photography. and a part i don’t thoroughly enjoy. i always want to return to the area of the images i’m looking at. then i see other images from other people…and the list keeps growing.

    i’m sure everyone has that dilemma. it’s a nice one when you do actually get back there though πŸ™‚ i can’t wait to get back to the Pilbara!

  7. Im the same as well really like the first image as matt said great patterns and colors

  8. I like both shots Stephen. they bring back memories. I visited that spot about 4 years ago now. Loved it. Looking at these shots has made me want to go dig up the shots I got when I was there. Beautiful place

  9. Thanks Luke and Kirk.

    i look forward to seeing your posts Luke πŸ™‚

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