Kalimina Gorge

This is the last of my posts on Karijini National Park. Kalimina Gorge really was one of my favourites. Such a pleasant walk along the base with plenty of small cascades to keep the photographer in me happy. I think it was where I got my best shot’s and my personal favourites aswell. I seemed to get the right light. My first trip into this gorge was mid afternoon, and the second was early morning. This gave me the opportunity to shoot completely different scenes. Compositions you wouldn’t even look at in the morning were just glorious in the afternoon.

The first image here was my favorite of the trip. It was on my morning trip when I saw the small cascades and small grass tree. The reflections behind were magical and I loved the ghost gum reflection surrounded by intense red light. It’s completely different to most Karijini shot’s which I think is why I enjoy it more then my Kermit’s Pool image- which as i’ve stated it is just the “normal” composition.


This next shot here jumped out at me once again on my morning shoot. There were stunning jagged rocks all pointing towards this small waterfall and reflections. I really like the texture in the water and then some awesome reflections to go along.


This image was taken on my afternoon trip. I was at the waterfall directly at the base of the stairs and to the right trying different things without much luck. On returning I saw this scene right from the path. It made it interesting for the people coming along it! But I really liked this reflection and the reeds. I used a bit of fill in flash to light the reeds slightly as the rocks on the far cliff face were extremely bright. Really restricting my composition to some extent.


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8 responses to “Kalimina Gorge

  1. I so wanna run away up there again, heat, flies and all.

    Kalamina Gorge was my favourite of the lot as well, although i enjoyed the hike through Hamersley Gorge more because it was more challenging (in other words, got lost and scrabbled a lot) and there was no one else there for the 4-ish hours we were.

    Ah heck, Karijini’s just good all around.

  2. yeah it’s hard not to want to run away haha.

    i’m glad you got lost in Hamersly…Cause I got hell lost trying to find the grotto!! ended scrambling up this scree slope on my hands and knees, only to find it was not what i was after. and that path along the creek was not easy to follow. kept coming to dead ends and realising the track was on the other side of the creek. I still know where i’d rather be right now πŸ™‚

    then on the way down nearly broke my leg….rock i stood on crumbled and left me falling forward down the hill when my foot jammed against it. hard to describe but i guess that’s what you get when you’re being naughty…i’d gone in there alone and hadn’t even told anyone else i was going, something i really normally do not do.

    hammersly is a gorge i want to get back to as i timed it very bad and had the worst light for it. those folded rocks would be so spectacular in the right light!

  3. Nice work Stephen, shows in your photos that you really like this place and have explored many different compositions. Makes me wanna go back to Karijini now, haven’t been since 1999. I don’t think I’ve ever been to Kalamina Gorge, I remember Hamersley very well. Great stuff mate, keep it coming!

  4. thanks Flem. yeah I love all the area’s I go to. i try to capture that in my photos. and I hate getting “that trademark” shot of any area i go to. so always looking for something new.

    i don’t really go to any area’s to take photos as such, when I go on my trips. i go to experience it, but then i take my photos to enable me to share it with other people who can’t experience it. i do obviously take the photography side into account when planning though.

    Kalimina really was awesome. on my second trip i spent about 40min feeding flies and ants to the fish in one of the pools hehe. guess that’s the lil kid in me coming out πŸ™‚ light wasn’t too good so thought i’d just sit in the shade for a while.

  5. I love the colour in the second shot Stephen – stop teasing me with Karijini stories and photos ! πŸ™‚

  6. haha unfortunately I think that’s all from Karijini Tony.
    until next time I get there myself!! πŸ™‚

    what’s sad is that more Eastern Stater’s and international visitors know more about Karijini then Western Australians….. All our people do is winge about what we don’t have. get out there and enjoy what we DO have people!!! i’m glad my posts are bringing back memories for you all though.

  7. I’d love to go back to Karijini and do some proper photography. When we went there this time it was mainly to walk the gorges, and i was gaping so much i almost lost my camera a couple of times. It really hit me hard.

    Next time!

    Gah, talking about all this is making the urge to run away even stronger.

  8. hehe my job here is done. everyone wants to go back to karijini πŸ™‚

    sorry how’d you nearly lose your camera??

    yeah i only went up there sort of as a scouting trip. to see what it’s like and just be there. i really didn’t expect to get any photos come up half decent due to the conditions being so different to what i’m used to. the harsh light contrasted with deep shadows doesn’t make for easy photography. especially due to the fact I don’t really work the images so therefore can’t bring out more detail etc.

    so what I ended up with really was a nice bonus for me πŸ™‚ so much more i want to do up there though. 2010 is my year i think….

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