Canning Show

There was another small show on a couple of weeks and I managed to follow up my success in the Kelmscott show, with a few places. Once again there was a reasonable standard of entries so I was quite pleased with the results I got 🙂

The first image here received 1st in the small sunrise/sunset category. It is an image which if it works on your monitor will look good and you’ll see the layers in the land through to the clouds and sky, but if it doesn’t, it will look really horrible (black,muddy,and really dark). Judging from my past images it will probably be the later. Sorry I can’t get them looking proper on this thing… hopefully it will come up ok though because it does come up well when printed and you can see all through the scene.

I took this on a recent trip down south with my girlfriend Alysia, who I do have to thank for this image. I’d just been shooting at the rocks in between Greens Pool and Elephant rocks in Denmark. When returning to the car I was scouting for new compositions for the next morning in Greens Pool. As we got to the steps she pointed this out to me way off in the distance to the West. I set up and took a 30sec exposure with my 150mm and just managed to have enough light to capture the scene. I love s shapes curving through a photo so the shoreline really was a beautiful subject. Then the layers in the silhouette of the land and cloud really topped it off.



The next image was taken at Yallingup Beach on the last morning of the trip. It received 3rd in the same section. After a week of horrible light I was hoping for some last minute luck and was grateful to get it. After trying a few compositions using rocks and reflections I came across this pool. I love the rocks under the water and the main rock created a nice strong focal point. It was a beautiful sunrise with the clouds lighting up quite nicely.


This image received 2nd in the sunrise/sunset enlargement. You can read more about this photo on my Karijini Post. I’ve adjusted this image since the original post to get it looking more like the print. And taken Flem’s suggestion on cropping the foreground a lil.

This image received 2nd in the small landscape category. It’s the same image I spoke briefly about in my Kelmscott Show Post. I will try and get another image up soon from the same night and a bit more info.


I received 3rd in the Landscape enlargement for this photo. More info can be found on this image in my Hancock Gorge Post.kawa161

Last shot here is a close up of the pelican I got so close to while at Rotto. It’s a very different shot to what I usually take, definitely a bit more “artsy”. I really liked the texture captured in the feathers.pewa05


12 responses to “Canning Show

  1. p.s, sorry about this post being all screwed. I think I tried to get it too big and it kept changing the format when I tried to position things like I wanted…. I hope you can figure out what images are with what writing!

  2. Congrats Stephen. Still love that outback sunrise photo!

  3. Thanks man, hopefully this time it looks a bit better for you 🙂

  4. Anne-Marie McCarthy

    Well done Stephen. Fantastic pictures. The sunset one is truly breathtaking, a brilliant shot!

  5. Thanks Anne-Marie.
    Yeah I wish I could take all the credit for that shot 😛

  6. Well done Stephen! The first pic is my favorite. i like the interesting shapes that really lead the eye around the photo. I love the reflection of the sky along the shoreline too

  7. thanks Matt. i think it’s my fav from that trip. i have a terrible weak spot for S’s in a scene though. 🙂

  8. congrats, the first pic is great Stephen. your choice of using the tele lens really enhances the layering. the reflections along the s trails are very nice indeed.

  9. thanks Cain. glad you like it.was pretty happy with how it came up

  10. Congrats mate my favourite would be the yallingup beach one

  11. congratulations once again Stephen ! The first photo is fantastic with those fading layers of landscape. I also like the pelican detail too !

  12. thanks for that Kirk and Tony.
    still can’t believe the pelican sat there for me as long as it did Tony!!

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