Ellis Brook

Well i’m going to take a risk here of having Flem black list me, and do a post on waterfalls.

Ellis Brook is one of my favourite locations close to Perth. It’s only about 15min away from me and I have spent many days walking the tracks leading from the top of the falls. Despite walking Lesmurdie, Kitty’s Gorge and John Forest walk tracks often as well, Ellis Brook is the only location i’ve managed to shoot properly. I do have to head out to those locations again as they are just as fantastic. This last year I didn’t get out in the bush as I would have liked, something I really want to change for next year.

Ellis Brook is one of the Darling Ranges secrets, which many people do not even know is there. Despite being not even 5 min off Tonkin Hwy, you can even see the falls when they’re flowing from the hwy!! So why i’m posting this i’m not sure πŸ˜›

Situated at the end of the valley is the stunning 60ft falls. Positioned on a seasonal creek, they take a few decent rains to start flowing each year. But when they are in full flight they are quite spectacular. The reserve is also well known for wildflowers, and during Spring is so beautiful with a huge range of wildflowers, ranging from wattle, grevillia, hakea and many different types of orchids. There usually is a number of wildflower study groups up there on weekends.


The above shot is from the base of the falls. A nice detour through the bush off the main track is rewarded with this scene. I wish I had Grad ND’s at this stage to control the sky, but I will have to return to this location to better this. I still think it’s quite effective considering.


This image here is taken at one of the cascades along the creek at the base of the valley. I think this is my favourite from Ellis Brook, at this stage anyway. I love the rocks at the top of the image. When I was shooting the falls by themselves, they really were missing something. I thought i’d try this spikey bush as some foreground and really liked the look.


This image is one of my first long exposures. I was wanting to head up to Karijini, so thought i’d probably better try some long exposures before I went! So this was a trial. Just a simple little scene with aboutΒ  30sec exposure.

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8 responses to “Ellis Brook

  1. Hehe, no worries matey, no black list here πŸ™‚

    Good work, can I suggest zooming out a bit or doing a pano or something. I feel waterfalls need to be placed into an environment, showing the viewer not only the water but also the surroundings.

  2. phew… πŸ˜›

    yeah thanks, I had done a wider shot including some of the surrounding area of 60ft falls, but the falls really got lost in the composition. it really was too busy. there’s lots of tree’s and bushes etc round the location when you get in there.

    i’ll leave the pano’s to one of the other boys πŸ™‚

  3. Very nice set of images Stephen, I really like the last one the most. I know where I’ll be heading next winter πŸ™‚ although with all the rain we are having right now it could even be flowing now.

  4. thanks Neal.
    yeah i’m not sure if it still will be. at the start of the season, Lesmurdie falls etc will be thundering, yet 60ft falls will still only be a trickle! i think there’s a small dam or something further up stream, put by a farmer i’d say. it really does take a long time to get flowing!

    it had dried up nearly totally after the dry couple of months we had. so not sure if this would be enough.
    tis only one way to find out though! πŸ™‚

  5. Hi Stephen, This is a favourite spot of mine too as I live only 10 minutes away. Great place to walk the dog. Have you taken any of the canyon.

  6. Hi Jayne.
    Ah another South of the river person! πŸ™‚

    Not sure what Canyon this is sorry?? There is the quarry over the other side, is this where you mean?? Then the creek has some good bit’s but i wouldn’t call them a canyon as such. Still at Ellis Brook I take it??

  7. Yeah, I guess it is a quarry. I took some shots a few months ago there. Even the graffiti looks ok. Let us know the next time you head up there.

  8. now I know where you’re talking bout πŸ™‚
    yeah i’ve never actually gone in there. just viewed it from the fenceline where the walk goes. i think i’ve done rock climbing/abseiling in there years ago as well. but not certain on that-there’s a few of them up there that all look the same!

    i quite often head off into the hills and walk the fire trails. just escape for a while, so by the time I get back (after 10-15km) i can’t be bothered goin in there haha.

    yeah i’ll let ya know next time! probably won’t be till winter. but there is a nice clearing with wicked views across the city. been thinking about going up there for sunset or something if there’s nice clouds. but being the silly period I may not get up there πŸ˜›

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