Araluen Revisited

A while back now I touched about my visit to Araluen with the Camera Club I’m a member of. Gem Camera Club. We had a bit of a fun day out in which we did a photo rally. Where a list of 12 subjects was given and we had 2 hours to get photos, only taking 1 image of each only. Really making you focus on every aspect of each shot you take.

I’ve finally got round to putting up the next few of my images from that day.


The first one here is obviously of Tulips. Araluen is known for these, and I can’t imagine how many million photos have been taken of them!! When you think of Tulips, the standard shot comes to mind. Side on with a bit of back lighting. Or looking up through the Tulip bed from a lower POV. I really wanted something different, and spent nearly the whole 2 hours looking for my shot. Finally I saw something I was after. And then after many small adjustments of zoom, and positioning so as to not appear to “cram the shot” I ended up with this.


The second topic here was the unique chairs they have in the middle of the garden beds. I went for the symmetry shot, wish i’d seen at the time that the chair wasn’t in the middle 😛 otherwise I would have moved it a bit haha.


And the last one i’ll show was a bridge. I’ve made it no secret that I like winding subjects in photos. So the old style bridge and the winding creek caught my eye. I didn’t quite get what I was after but wasn’t entirely unhappy. I wish I was a bit more comfortable in asking people if they could move for a minute while I take a shot…. That part doesn’t fit in with this image.

I’ve finally got a link up to the club site (in my blogroll). So if you have a few minutes check them out and see some of the fantastic work from the club. All scanned images from the place getters in each of the competitions throughout the year. Some unfortunately don’t quite do the photo justice (losing some quality in the scanning process), but next year going digital will be a big improvement. Still a great collection from such a small club.

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4 responses to “Araluen Revisited

  1. cool shots mate… me and the mrs went up there but we were too late for the tulips…. might have to get up there next year.

  2. thanks Clint.
    yeah it’s a great spot up there. used to tear around there when i was a bit younger.

    well worth a visit next year hey!

  3. Anne-Marie McCarthy

    Lovely pictures Stephen. I managed to catch the tulips there this spring also – gorgeous!

  4. thanks very much Anne-Marie!
    there’s a pretty amazing buzz round the place at that time of year.

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