Kalbarri Sunset


I’m going back in time a bit and pulling up another image from my Pilbara trip earlier this year. It’s one of those images which at first I liked a bit, but it’s started growing on me over time.

I went to Red Bluff to capture the sunset, which wasn’t overly special. But then as so often happens the light in the other direction starts blossoming. It’s a pretty bland sky but being on this angle I managed to get a bit of the fading in the sky. From the sun side through to the blue of the East.

But for me anyway, I love the rocks and water. From the bit of sand on the rock, to the bright water on the left, also following the sky and fading to a nice blue with ripples on the right. And then my poor attempt for a wave splash to top it off 😛

Anyway I hope this image makes you all want to get out there and hit the beaches.

Summers here at last!! 🙂

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4 responses to “Kalbarri Sunset

  1. A lovely scene with good soft pastel colours, certainly makes me miss standing on an Australian beach at sunset!

    As a photo I think you could perhaps improve the compositio as I find it a bit too busy. Find somewhere on the beach with just 3-4 elements, sky, water, sand and 1-2 rocks in the foreground on a clean patch of sand. Sounds easy enough 🙂

  2. thanks Flem.
    just have to remind you of what we have to offer 😛
    not that you need any reminding. you’ve seen more of our country then the majority of Australians themselves!

    Thanks for the tip. i’ll keep that in mind. and yup, definitely sounds easier then it usually is haha

  3. nice shot love the pastel colors as well mate been a while sinse i been up to kalbarri bet it hasnt changed much since i lived there

  4. thanks Kirk.
    man would be nice to live in a place like that.
    very jealous 😛

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