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The Cascades-Pemberton

Pemberton Patterns

Pemberton Patterns

This is from the section of creek known as the cascades near Pemberton in the South West. Pemberton is a stunning area known for it’s huge trees stretching 60 odd meters into the sky. A very memorable experience.

The whole time we were here it rained.. So I didn’t manage any forrest shots, and this was basically the only shot of the cascades I got. I would have liked to try a few more things but the weather did not permit ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I’m putting this out there for some tips. I’m not entirely happy with the top half of this image. The tree section really seems a bit flat, and i would have liked to have the feeling of a bit more depth. I really liked the bubbles streaming down, creating a very nice foreground.

So wondering if anyone has any ideas on what I could have done? I was at the far end of the walkway, with nothing but 2m deep blackberry bushes to the right (so no way was I getting in there!), otherwise I think i would have liked to go a bit futher. I would have liked to get the tree on the right a bit further in the frame- which I think would have helped. Interested to hear any thoughts.

Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

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Greens Pool-Denmark

Well any trip along the south coast of Western Australia wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Denmark, and especially Greens Pool. It is some of the most beautiful coastline, and I could easily have spent a week there. With the weather we had after here I wondered this even more. Hopefully i’ll be spending a couple of days again here in the near future!

Basically my whole trip was full of bad light, with only 3 out of 10 days giving me anything to use. Luckily for me, even though it wasn’t a fantastic sunset as such, there was some nice light for me to use. I’m forever asked how that is possible, as most people relate a good sunset as good light. But anyone who takes photos at these times, especially longer exposures will know that some days the light is just flat. And there’s really nothing you can do about it.

Scouting the rocks really was hard, as there was so many compositions I liked. I saw this crack filled with water early on, but as it wasn’t quite ready I shot different spots. They didn’t work out too well and about 20 min after sunset with hardly any light I thought i’d better get here before it was too late. I’m glad I did!

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon

The crack was such a nice lead in, and the soft glow on the rocks on the left were begging to be photographed. The waves spilling over the rocks in the middle of the scene really appealed to me. The sky was pretty plain but shooting directly South gives the sky the fade through to the blue which I love so much. It ended up being one of my favorite shot’s from the trip.


Then as we left from here was where I took my sunset shot. i did cover this briefly in my Canning Show post before. So I won’t bore you with that again ๐Ÿ™‚

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Meeting Mr S

Well now for something on a lighter note. After Neal and Jamie have openly discussed their fears for anything slithery, I thought back to a few occasions where i’ve been in pretty close proximity to the lil fella’s myself.ย  And I guess someone has to try and reclaim the Aussie image… lol.

Nah, it’s more to show that these creatures aren’t all bite, and really unless you stand on them or threaten them you don’t have anything to worry about. I’ve even been held up on a thin mountain path for 30min, due to a Tiger snake that decided it made a good place to sleep. No waving, stomping, clapping, throwing stones (not at it, but next to it) was moving it!! And there was no room to go around it. So i waited.


The first image here is a Tiger Snake on Toolbrunup Peak in the Stirling Ranges. These things love being high up on the peaks, and take on a very different look to any i’ve seen on the flats. They are a lot thinner and really have the lovely yellow bands they’re known for. These snakes are said to be extremely aggressive. But i’ve never personally come across any that are.

I took this with my camera 1.5m away, and I was leaning back as I was actually too close to get him focused. He didn’t seem to mind me at all, even firing away with a flash for a couple of minutes. He wasn’t cornered and I didn’t make any quick movements so I guess he didn’t feel threatened at all. I do admit that if this was something like a Taipan or a Brown snake I would not be anywhere near this close. As they will actually chase you!!


The next one here is a Dugite. It was about 1.5m long and was actually the main turning point for me with snakes. I was definitely more on the cautious side, i’d creep up to 4-5 meters ofย  them but that was it. This snake was behind the grass, preventing a decent shot. So I crept closer and tried to change the angle. I got to about 2.5m away and it completely flipped out. Banging it’s head into the rock you can see in the upper left of this image. I was wondering what it was doing, but then all of a sudden it disappeared into a hole in the ground. It really made me realise that they are even more afraid of us. Since then i’ve had more faith and quite enjoy watching these creatures in the wild.

Now obviously i’m not saying run around picking them up or anything, as we do have a huge number of the most venomous snakes in the world residing in Oz. Depending what info you get (each site seems to be different…) the Tiger is number 7 and the Dugite number 14. And I think it’s about 13 of the top 20. So precaution is always best!! I do usually wear long pants, theory i’ve heard is that the material helps with our snakes in the South West-not that i want to try that one ๐Ÿ™‚

But they’re stunning to watch all the same. Hope my stories ease your nerves a bit anyway. As i’ve said to Jamie, I freaked when I saw a lil reef shark while snorkeling. Legs and arms took over before the brain caught up and said what the hell are you doing!! And he loves diving with sharks. So maybe one day we’ll get used to the other! haha.

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