The Cascades-Pemberton

Pemberton Patterns

Pemberton Patterns

This is from the section of creek known as the cascades near Pemberton in the South West. Pemberton is a stunning area known for it’s huge trees stretching 60 odd meters into the sky. A very memorable experience.

The whole time we were here it rained.. So I didn’t manage any forrest shots, and this was basically the only shot of the cascades I got. I would have liked to try a few more things but the weather did not permit 😦

I’m putting this out there for some tips. I’m not entirely happy with the top half of this image. The tree section really seems a bit flat, and i would have liked to have the feeling of a bit more depth. I really liked the bubbles streaming down, creating a very nice foreground.

So wondering if anyone has any ideas on what I could have done? I was at the far end of the walkway, with nothing but 2m deep blackberry bushes to the right (so no way was I getting in there!), otherwise I think i would have liked to go a bit futher. I would have liked to get the tree on the right a bit further in the frame- which I think would have helped. Interested to hear any thoughts.

Thanks 🙂

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4 responses to “The Cascades-Pemberton

  1. Hey, mate, love the blurred bubbles in the water… just sent you an email with some tips re the flatness.

  2. Reduce the trees further into the background and let the foreground and swirling foam, take more precedence?

    What would this photo look like if you turned it into a high contrast black and white?

  3. Thanks Beau, just e-mailed ya 🙂

    Yeah i’ve not tried that Charlene, I may give that a go when I get a few secs. Should work nicely with the water anyway. Thanks!

  4. jamiepatersonphotography

    Hi Stephen,

    A nice vignette effect would also work well I think.

    Jamie Paterson

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