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Shelley Cove-Dunsborough

This is another shot from my trip down South in October last year. Despite seeing many photographs from this region I’d never actually been there myself. So when we rolled into Dunsborough I really did not know what to expect.All I knew is that I was going to be hard pressed to get something I liked… As many of my favourite photographers have extensively done this area to such a high level.

Obviously the main man being Christian Fletcher, someone who’s work has amazed and inspired me for so long now. And then in recent years Neal (Spool Photography) and Kirk, who’s work continues to amaze as well. And then countless others who have shot that area as well!! But with the absolute beauty of that area it is not hard to see why so many photographers have!

This was the last night of the trip, and after a visit to Christian’s main gallery, which was as inspiring as it was intimidating 😛 You can’t help realise the shots you take are going to look poor compared to his. But at the same time, makes you want to get out there and try and get you own stunning bit of coastline! 🙂

Rinbow Coast

Rainbow Coast

We ended up at Shelley Cove, a wonderful little beach near Meelup. As soon as we turned up I took a liking to these trees on the hill. But just couldn’t find a composition I liked. So giving up for the time being I took some other compositions that had the right conditions. I looked up just as this rainbow appeared, right above the trees I loved. Sometimes nature chooses the composition for us! 🙂

Quickly fighting against time before it disappeared, I rushed to this spot, quickly set up and took a couple of shots just before it vanished. At first I was disappointed, as the rainbow wasn’t as strong as I would have liked. But it’s really starting to grow on me now. It really was in the nick of time 🙂

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