Yallingup Beach

Look out!! 2 posts within a week! Lol.

Well I thought I should get my act together a bit, and try and post some more. That way i’ll have to get out and shoot soon as otherwise,  i’ll run out of shots! 🙂 This is Yallingup Beach. Not far from Dunsborough in the magnificent Margaret River region.

The last morning of our stay, after having horrible weather the day before. Resulting in a busted tent, so we were forced into some luxory- taking refuge in the last cabin the park had to offer. Unlucky for some who had gone out for the day and also had tents blow apart, letting the rain in. Not realising until they returned at the end of the day. So we were very fortunate. 🙂

Mossy Shoreline

Mossy Shoreline

I headed across the road to the beach, and was walking out to the headland to see what I could get. It was about half an hour before sunrise, so I was still going by torchlight. I stumbled upon these mossy rocks, so setting up the torch on the rock I was able to focus. Then a 30 sec exposure came up with this. They’re pretty cool rocks and the huge waves created a very interesting white line on the horizon.

Anyway I hope you enjoy it.

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4 responses to “Yallingup Beach

  1. Hi Stephen,

    What is this tent thing that you speak of? LOL. You are right the rocks are very cool. I just love the green moss down there.

    Jamie Paterson

  2. I think you could add more saturation to the green to bring it out more. Would make it more striking! Good shot.

  3. haha Jamie, it’s just about all I know. back up the cruiser and it’s all there for me 🙂 i’m not as extreme as Flem going for the swag all the time, but i do like being outdoors. i love doing the ridge walk down at the Stirling’s and sleeping overnight in the caves, bloody awesome!!

    thanks Christian, thanks for popping by!
    i know it’s been said before… man you got it good down there! 🙂

  4. very nice shot mate, pitty about the weather… im heading down this weekend so im hoping for some good weather…. fingers crossed!!

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