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More from a magical Sunrise at Yallingup

Thought i’d better hurry up and get on here before the “blog keeper” tracks me down and does unmentionable things to me for not posting for a while… Yes Tony.. that is you! 🙂

Wake up World

Wake up World

It’s been even more crazy times lately and I really can’t believe that it’s already the end of April! That means that it’s about 6 months ago I was standing here witnessing something so incredibly beautiful. As i’ve said in my previous posts (probably that long ago everyone’s forgotten!) we had some terrible weather. Resulting in our tent being blown in on top of us. We binked down in a very foreign place for me- inside a cabin for the last night which was actually quite nice. Unsure whether to get up this morning I kicked meself and said “get up”.

The morning just kept getting better and everything culminated with these 2 shots. I’m still unsure if I prefer the vertical or horizontal format. But still pretty happy with both. The light started turning and I managed the previous shot I posted. I then saw this incredible light beam stretchin down so quickly ran to the rockpool which I felt benefited the scene a bit more. ‘ve never actually seen the beams fanning this way before. It’s usually the other way around with the beams widest at the horizon. I waited for a nice wave to partially break as the surf was quite big on this morning.

Surfers Heaven

Surfers Heaven

I like how the rockpool and the rocks make a arrow pointing towards the light. I also named it due to the fact that I didn’t originally want to get up. And everyone apt from a few surfers were still tucked up in bed. Missing this sight! Using the polariser to this time pick up the reflections also enhanced the image.

Anyway I hope you enjoy them. And i’ll try and not be so long to the next post 🙂

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