More from a magical Sunrise at Yallingup

Thought i’d better hurry up and get on here before the “blog keeper” tracks me down and does unmentionable things to me for not posting for a while… Yes Tony.. that is you! 🙂

Wake up World

Wake up World

It’s been even more crazy times lately and I really can’t believe that it’s already the end of April! That means that it’s about 6 months ago I was standing here witnessing something so incredibly beautiful. As i’ve said in my previous posts (probably that long ago everyone’s forgotten!) we had some terrible weather. Resulting in our tent being blown in on top of us. We binked down in a very foreign place for me- inside a cabin for the last night which was actually quite nice. Unsure whether to get up this morning I kicked meself and said “get up”.

The morning just kept getting better and everything culminated with these 2 shots. I’m still unsure if I prefer the vertical or horizontal format. But still pretty happy with both. The light started turning and I managed the previous shot I posted. I then saw this incredible light beam stretchin down so quickly ran to the rockpool which I felt benefited the scene a bit more. ‘ve never actually seen the beams fanning this way before. It’s usually the other way around with the beams widest at the horizon. I waited for a nice wave to partially break as the surf was quite big on this morning.

Surfers Heaven

Surfers Heaven

I like how the rockpool and the rocks make a arrow pointing towards the light. I also named it due to the fact that I didn’t originally want to get up. And everyone apt from a few surfers were still tucked up in bed. Missing this sight! Using the polariser to this time pick up the reflections also enhanced the image.

Anyway I hope you enjoy them. And i’ll try and not be so long to the next post 🙂

You can view more of my South West Coast images here

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16 responses to “More from a magical Sunrise at Yallingup

  1. Both formats are amazing! Are the pictures worked? Anyway beautiful photos!!! Great job!

  2. Hi ViktoryiaN

    Thanks, i’m glad you like them. 🙂
    This is what I was seeing that morning. I don’t work my images except for the basic processing you have to do for digital. It’s a preference of mine to leave the images as is because I love the older traditional feel that the images have.

    The light rays were even stronger in person. I really couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Unfortunately the camera can’t always pick up as much detail as I would like. Finding a balance and compromising to create a image is a enjoyable part for me also.

    Thanks for coming by 🙂

  3. Horizontal for me. I think the breaking wave that does it. Love those rays!

  4. Oops, I meant vertical! I have definitely been sleeping too much this weekend

  5. those rays are something – they look great coming out from behind that breaking wave – i prefer the vertical due to being a bit tighter and not so vast

  6. Nice work stephen!! I have to say I like the first best mainly the dof, awesome light rays.

  7. thanks everyone.
    yeah the light was pretty damn special! 🙂

    i like parts of both. so i wish i had the best parts of each one rolled in together haha. but still pretty happy with them.

  8. I prefer the horizontal. Both great photos, though. You were treated to a nice light show.

  9. mate i love the vertical one…. u clearly love this spot!!! haha

  10. thanks Beau and Clint.

    yeah it was actually the first and only time i’ve been there Clint. was very nice, and probably will go back sometime soon I hope- well this year anyway.

    it’s just that it was an awesome morning!
    so the shots sorta kept rolling off.
    gota love it when that happens 🙂

    but this is the last.
    i’ll post some different stuff next week when I get back from the Stirlings.
    had a few good shoots the last couple of weeks so stay tuned.

  11. Oh lucky going to Stirling Ranges!!!!! haha look forwared to seeing what you get!

  12. Those rays look outstanding, must have been a magical morning for sure! Good shots, I don’t know which I prefer. I really like the vertical, but that blurred wave makes the photo look a bit weird I think, perspective is distorted as it looks like the background is out of focus!

    • Flem bot! wasn’t expecting any comments from you for a while 🙂

      it doesn’t help me decide which one works more though.. lol.
      yeah not sure why it has that look.
      from memory was F16 and getting near 1 second.
      they were quite big waves so maybe too much movement for it?

      hope the trips going well. I just got back from a brief trip so got to catch up on everyone’s post’s!

  13. It’s the automated Flem Bot replying to blog posts even when the real Flem is travelling 😀 No, like you, catching up on a lot of posts, online for a bit here in Broome.

  14. Tony Middleton

    Those rays are so special and intriguing Stephen – It’s a magical yet somewhat intriguing feeling being up witnessing something so awesome with so few other about to also joy in it…But if everyone was up would it still feel as special ?


    • thanks Tony.
      yeah i couldn’t believe what I was seeing when they started forming in that fashion to be honest!

      and no, it would not be anywhere near as magical if everyone was up! 🙂 i find myself always torn by trying to get people out to see our beautiful locations, and then wanting them all to myself!
      so i say everyone, go and see these places- just make sure it’s a different time to me! 🙂 lol.

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