My second home

Well anyone who knows me, or spends any decent time with me- knows how I feel about the Stirling Ranges…. I love them!!! 🙂

Every chance I get I go there, even if that means a total of 15 hours (of which most was driving) to see snow there last year. Something i’ve experienced a few times there but could never get sick of. I worked down there for a year, which for me is heaven! I used to climb a mountain before work! Oh how many times i’m sitting at work these days dreaming of where i’d rather be. A few of them a week is good for the soul.

So with the global finance crisis taking hold. My company did as so many are doing and forced us to take excess leave. So I thought what better way to use them then going down to my beloved Stirling’s for a few days. So off I set, with a new image in mind. I’ve seen many images of the Stirlings, and really wanted to get out a new vantage point. Something that sums up my love for the place, and shows a different side to the tourist side which is what is mostly shown. A image which has been in my mind for quite some time, but i’ve never quite got it. Then as i’m driving down- I start realizing it might all be falling apart….

As they so often do, the farmers of the area are burning the remnants of their crops from last year, and clearing tree’s and rubbish- also burning. Now with the weather forecast (dry and no wind and no clouds) fresh in my mind I knew what this could mean… haze- and lots of it!

Oh well, i’m here so lets make the most of it! So up I got early to climb Bluff Knoll for sunrise. I misjudged the rise just a lil. Not that it was to matter anyway as when I rocked up at the carpark I bumped into none other then Kirk, Neil and Jamie. Who were down there on their trip. So I hung out with them a bit and watched a pretty ordinary sunrise (one of many to come). It was good to finally meet them. And I would have loved to have got out for a shoot with them- but that never eventuated.

Anyway the next morning I headed round to where I hoped I may be able to snag the shot I was after. They’re probably going to hate me for not informing them of this location. But not really knowing it yet- I couldn’t direct you somewhere I had no idea about. And also I couldn’t give away the prime location I’ve been waiting for, for the last 3 years! Sorry guys, you’ll get it next time 🙂

Cotton Candy Hills

Cotton Candy Hills

Well that’s enough blab from me. Here’s the first shot. As you can see there was an incredible amount of haze. It’s really given the image a very different feel. I like it, i’m still thinking of converting it to B/W as well to give that a go- I just need some more work at the conversions. But the early light coming through the haze has given it some very unusual colouring. I saw the branch in the lake and thought that would make the perfect addition to the reflection part of the image. It would have been great with a nice clean blue sky with the same clouds white. But with the conditions I was given I came away quite happy with this image.

I hope you enjoy it too. 🙂

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26 responses to “My second home

  1. awesome work Stephen – is Bluff Knoll the highest point in centre frame? as I said on your flickr upload, the business of your previous lake shot has been totally reversed here – so calm

    • thanks Cain.
      yeah i really quite like this shot.
      not what i’d originally set out for.
      but had to adjust due to the conditions. it’s come up as quite a unique shot because of them though 🙂

      yeah that’s correct. it looks quite different from this angle. each side of the peak is completely different to each other. i plan on getting out on the ridge again this year and taking some proper images of the eastern peaks. it’s some of the most amazing terrain out there!

  2. That’s a brilliant shot Stephen. Time to drag the maps out and figure out where that is 😉

    • thanks Charlene. 🙂
      this spot isn’t too difficult to get to.
      just no one bothers to go there.

      I guess this image and my next few will change that though… there’s better shot’s to come! 🙂 (in my eyes anyway)

  3. Great story and image Stephen! Look forward to more, did you shoot a pano ? As it seems this location cries out for a wide pano 😀 Haze from fires does crazy things to the colours, sometimes bad but sometimes quite good!

    Your Dreaming must be Stirling Ranges 🙂 Stirling Ranges Dreaming. Except maybe not, as that would mean you can’t eat or paint it etc, meaning no photos. Can’t eat or paint your own dreaming 🙂

    • thanks Flem bot!! 🙂

      yeah i’ve tried to work out where my dreaming is. and honestly I don’t think i have one… the Stirlings are a place I hold dear for so many reasons, but I think it’s got a lot to do with the ease of getting there which is why I return so often. but in saying that i have to force myself to spend my time in another location when i get time off!

      i think my dreaming is what ever location it is i’m standing in at that time- as long as it’s away from these cities. because there are toooo many places I love just as much I can’t possibly choose one. 🙂

      yes this does scream for a pano- but no I didn’t shoot one. not exactly sure what i’d be doing if i’d tried. hehe

  4. Tony Middleton

    Fantastic image Stephen – love seeing the Stirlings with a reflection (I haven’t seen it before).I actually like the hues as well as they are kind of warm instead of the colder mistier mountain mood lighting.
    I look forward to seeing more 🙂

    • thanks Tony.
      yeah there’s nothing really going around with this kind of view of the stirlings. as i said to Charlene I think once these are out, there will be a lot more soon 🙂

      yeah i actually thought i had a dud the first time I looked at it. composition wise I was really happy. but the haze i was unsure about. it really grew on me though, and the colour is what really appeals to me now.

  5. Very well done, Stephen. Loving the reflection. I don’t think a black and white conversion would do this scene any justice, though.

    • thanks Beau!

      yeah my conversion definitely wouldn’t anyway. lol. but the colours have grown on me. i think it’s due to me having a bit of a different shot in mind when i went there, so the haze made me unsure at first.

  6. Hey nice shot mate!!

  7. Great reflection shot.
    Not sure that I’m keen on the overall color of the shot but it looks like I’m in the minority there.
    I’d like to see the blue reflection in the lake also included the sky.
    Still a very nice shot and it could grow on me.

  8. Oh bye the way… I know where that is!!

  9. wescooperphotography

    Excellent shot Stephen. I like how there is an air of mystery to it, it’s hard to tell exactly where it is. Love the colour too.

  10. Nice shot Stepehen ,
    I really like the colors and personally think the image will lose something when you convert it to back and white . Nice to meet up with you as well .
    Will have to find this lake for my next trip down to the ranges

    • thanks Kirk.
      yeah was good to meet you all. sounds like your trip to Esperance went pretty well. look forward to the shots you got!

      yeah you guys will kill it at this location.
      as Flem said it screams for a pano. when you’re standing there it screams for it even more.
      unfortunately i couldn’t oblige.

  11. Awesome Colours Stephen! love the reflection works very well as is, I think this photo needs to be colour 🙂

  12. Great shot Stephen. Yes I am jealous!!! I’m definitely heading down to the Stirling Ranges again.

    Jamie Paterson

  13. thanks Will!

    thanks Jamie, yeah it’s an amazing place.
    well worth every visit 🙂

  14. Beautiful shot Stephen, I love the colour’s in this scene and the reflections of the clouds in the water. You could almost invert the shot and it wouldn’t loose anything. Well done!

  15. Really into this shot Stephen, its something different. Love the tones and an appropriately named titled.

  16. awesome reflections mate

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