Salt Lake Views

Well I have a heap of images ready to post, and had every intention of posting about 3 since my last post…. But damn, things take too much time! 😛 Hopefully things will slow down a bit and I can get some of these new images up. The more I post, the more I have to go out and shoot. Gets me off my butt a bit more anyway.

Salt Lake Views

Salt Lake Views

Here’s another shot from the morning down at the Stirling Ranges. The haze basically wrote off most of the trip, but also created my previous shot. 15 or so minutes after I took that image, the sun had risen above the horizon and was casting some wonderful side lighting on these dead trees. After ending up shin deep in the mud (I wish I could say only once….) I got out to this spot and set up. I couldn’t set up with any conventional composition involving the tree’s and the mountains. So I thought I’d go for something outside of the box. Basically a 50/50 set up. I wasn’t sure how it would work, but when I viewed it back at camp I was quite pleased.

The light off the timber really catches my eyes. And basically I had clouds I had for the whole trip whisped across the sky, thank god for them! The peak you can see is Toolbrunup Peak. Which has to be one of the best climbs in the park. Definitely one of my favourite mountains,  apart from the Eastern Peaks.  But being so much more easily accessible it’s got to be one of the best.

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6 responses to “Salt Lake Views

  1. It worked just fine! That light shining off the tree bark is really something special. I’m curious though – i think you may have mentioned in one of your (much) earlier posts that you don’t like post processng your images. Was this straight out of the camera?

  2. Hi Charlene.
    Thanks, i’m glad you like it too.

    Yeah i’ve finally got my hands on a good RAW converter (Apperture) which does a much better job at converting the images. All the images I had been posting were actually jpg’s, because the RAW images were pretty plain, And the freeware software I was using really didn’t make the grade.
    Unfortunately i’ve never had the money to upgrade my stuff. I’m still using the original photoshop (CS1 i think??) so even when I want to do some fancy stuff with my images it doesn’t do too well. But with me not using it much anyway there’s no point me paying to upgrade. Why pay money to add a watermark and re-size an image 😛

    So now with apperture, it does a much smoother job converting, and the base processing that you have to do on RAW. I don’t go using layers and all the in depth processing. Just a bit of sharpening, contrast, levels. That way I still keep the original image I was after.
    In saying that the images come through much stronger then the jpg’s I was using before. As you know they don’t even come close.

    At least now i’ve been able to go back through the RAW files I had n the past but didn’t use and convert them properly.

    I’ve just got a second hand 40D, which is a nice step up from my old Olympus E-300. So i’m hoping you will all see a nice improvement in my images over the next month or so! 🙂

    I hope that answers your question anyway 🙂 Thanks

  3. Tony Middleton

    Gorgeous light on those trees and a fantastic spot Stephen. I think the composition works well in this also… One thing though is that I wouldn’t let Flemming get his laser-eye on the horizon…

    cheers, 🙂

    • thanks Tony.
      yeah i couldn’t go past the trees while having light on them like that. was interesting getting out to them. lesson learned is don’t wear white sneakers out into salt lakes… 🙂

      yeah there was a lil slope of a hill there… but that does look shocking don’t it!! 😉

  4. Gorgeous light and colours here and the composition is almost perfect, good work! I would crop a bit of dead space top and especially bottom to heighten the visual tension, it is slightly loose top and bottom. Also that one branch visible to the very very left could perhaps be cropped…just a minor thing. Great image!

    oh and Human Spirit Level says…horizon is ever so slightly off 😀 😀

    • thanks Flem. this was the first time i was ever worried about seeing you comment… that horizon!! haha. i should have got off my butt and swapped the image after Tony pointed it out. but that wasn’t nearly as bad as i was expecting from you haha

      yup agree totally on the branch on the left (that and the horizon are already fixed on the master) and will give the slight bit off the top and bottom a go too.

      thanks 🙂

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