Mountains of Time

Here’s the final of my shots I got on my recent trip to the Stirling Ranges, and my favorite of the 3. While I love my Cotton Candy Hills image, that was just luck with the conditions creating an affect I wasn’t expecting. This photo is more like the shot I set out to achieve that weekend. The conditions still didn’t come together to give me exactly what I was after- So I will definitely return to hopefully get those conditions. Still, I feel this ill do nicely until then 🙂

Mountains of Time

Mountains of Time

Unfortunately the sunset wasn’t very spectacular again, as the trip seemed to be destined for. And with only a few clouds, basically what you can see here, thick haze in the air didn’t help. So after an hours drive, and nearly as long walking to get here- I thought at first the trip was a waste. I’d seen this awesome patch of ground, and decided to set up on the off chance something nice happened. And luckily I did because for a minute of so some nice light came across. The red pigface plant mixed with the dry cracks in the mud made for an interesting foreground. So I was glad I found some. Despite being so dry lately there wasn’t nearly as many cracked area’s as I had thought there’d be.

Anyway I hope you enjoy it too 🙂

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12 responses to “Mountains of Time

  1. I’m with you on the favourite here. Cotton Candy Hills is great for its minimalist impact but this holds my interest far better. The salt encrusted (I assume) parched earth is awesome and the pigpace really offsets it all. Nice Stephen. Did you get any close-ups of the pigface and cracks?

    • Hi Cain

      thanks, the “pretty” colours of Cotton Candy will probably attract a lot of attention. But this is definitely the one I get a lot of satisfaction from.

      i’m glad to see some others do too 🙂

      i think these are more the clay type of cracks too.
      even though they’re salt lakes i’m pretty sure the base is mostly clay.

  2. Tony Middleton

    Nice shot Stephen – It has a good strong composition and your chosen format works well. Whilst the light may not have been what you had hoped for I think it is still a very pleasing image with soft tones on a harsh dry landscape. Strong foreground interest and detail leading the viewing on a pleasent journey through the the mighty ranges in the distance. Well done.

  3. I’ll agree with ya and say this is also my favourite from your recent trip to the Stirling Ranges. The plant was a great idea for some foreground interest, and the mountains and clouds make a nice backdrop.

    By the way, thanks for your recent comments on my blog, mate. I appreciate them 🙂

  4. Agree Stephen I like this best, the cracked ground and red plant there are a good lead in.

  5. I like this very much, agree it is the best of them. The classic ‘view camera’ composition works well here as you have so much great foreground detail. Althought the light may not be what you hoped for, you still created a beautiful image!

  6. Very nice shot Steve, interest right throughout the frame. Keeper for sure.

  7. Magnifique cadrage. J’adore les atmosphères qui se dégagent de vos images, c’est nostalgique et j’aime beaucoup ça. De belles couleurs et un beau contrôle de la vitesse. Bravo!

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