Which way did he go…

This is another shot from Karridale.

I don’t know if anyone else finds the same thing happening. But I tend to go through stages where all of a sudden, all I seem to get is images in Portrait format. For some reason, every time I go out the scene seems to attract that type of image. I then find myself really trying to work on making a Landscape image in these location, sometimes forcing it a bit to get the horizontal format.

Spinning Windmill

Spinning Windmill


When I was shooting this scene, I was in this stage once again. After setting up- I once again found myself in that Portrait format. Really liking the reeds balancing with the windmill. The problem i’ve found is then I have 2 very very similar images. Often it is hard to choose which one I like the most. This time I like the composition of the Vertical, yet the stronger colours grabs my attention  more in the horizontal image. They were taken about 10-15 min apart and the light had changed a fair bit between shots.

So anyways, I thought i’d post it and see what people have to say. It’d be interesting to hear how everyone get’s out of “ruts” similar to these. I guess if it’s a stronger image in a particular orientation- it doesn’t matter. But it’s one of those things i guess where I try to get a bit of variation.

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4 responses to “Which way did he go…

  1. I go through those sorts of phases all the time. At the moment I look at everything and think “now would that suit a square crop…”

    I think this shot works, symmetry nicely broken by the foreground.

  2. great tones Stephen. if you’re in a rut then it won’t hurt to try new things – i bet the windwill would look great spinning its proverbials off against that sky…

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