Wish they were mine!

As i’ve wrote about quite a few times in the past I’m a member of the Gem Camera Club. A smallish club, but a club that has quite a few very talented photographers. Each month we have a different subject- which is to be used for a Set Competition. Many times it’s been  a subject I personally wouldn’t have even thought about taking a photo of. But this is great- as it gets you thinking about things in a different way, and really gets you trying different things with your photography.

Even though I love landscapes, and pretty much only shoot landscapes. I still find pleasure and enjoyment out of setting out with a goal in mind, as to how i’d like an image to look when it comes to these set subjects, then to actually capture what i’d set out for as well. I wish I managed to give these a decent shot, but each time I find myself running out of time and usually don’t even fire a shot in anger. Even then, afterwards when i’m out and about with my camera- I find myself still keeping an eye out on some of these topics, and have actually ended up with quite a few images after the comp itself has been run.

Usually I am amazed by some of the images that are presented on the night. Of which this particular month blew me away! The topic was light bulbs and I once again didn’t have anything in it. Upon viewing the images displayed i realised that my attempts would have been nothing but embarrassing anyway haha. So I thought I’d do a post on some of the images that really blew my mind! 🙂 For a simple item such as a lightbulb, I think there are some incredible ideas thought up here. Ailsa-Set-1-March-09







6 responses to “Wish they were mine!

  1. Wow Stephen this was a big surprise!
    Thank you for your kind comments
    Gem Camera Club is a great club for learning.
    Take care

  2. Tony Middleton

    hi Stephen,
    Yeah these sort of things are great to use one’s creativity in. That first image is superb !


  3. Very creative minds and nice photography to boot … I wish I had more creativity in my shots …

  4. i love lightbulb photos

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