Point Perron

Well i’m not gona make any excuses- or promises for or about my blog being asleep for probably the last month. I’ve not had any real chance to get out and shoot for months. The other weekend I went out to the coast- and got blown away, and blasted by rain going what definitely appeared to be more horizontal then vertical. Then the following day I went out to shoot some of my fav waterfalls, only to find out that DEC (our “environmental” watchers) had closed the area off to vehicles-this is only into the carpark. Adding an extra half hours walk each way, so I wouldn’t have time to get in where I wanted to go. So I will be getting back there with my bike to chop off a bit of time!

Hmmmm….. sounds like an excuse don’t it…. damn! Well anyway- due to all this i’ve been more happy to view others success with conditions and shoots then worry about my own bad luck. But seeing as though I have some images from ages ago I thought i’d best put something up here! 🙂

Flare Baby

Flare Baby

This is an image from Point Perron (or Preston Point for Will :-P) which is basically the nearest beach to me. It’s quite a nice spot, and during summer you can quite often see my mates and I out amongst it snorkeling.

I’ve always wanted a “sun flare” image. But it’s something that has always eluded me. It’s one of those things I’ve always felt that when it works- it works really well. But if it doesn’t, then it’ll look horrible! So far this is the closest I’ve got to one that doesn’t look horrible.
The mossy rocks were reflecting the sun wonderfully- so I had to capture them. But the only way I could do that was to include the sun. Something that I usually don’t like doing when it’s this high.

For this reason I thought I’d jump at the chance to get my “Flare” going. Managing to get the flare at the 45deg, I thought was quite effective.
This was also my first shoot with my new camera. Canon 40D. Now most people are raving about their 5Dmk II’s these day’s- but i’m pretty happy so far, with the limited times i’ve had using this camera. A big improvement from my old Olympus E300.

As is discussed quite often- the lack of ability for the digital camera’s to capture the bright area around the sun is limited with this image. But I think it could still work, so i’m interested in any thoughts 🙂

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12 responses to “Point Perron

  1. Nice one. Anytime I have tried to get a flare like that I suddenly realise just how streaky and dirty my filters are.

    If you have seen a crazy dude taking his camera into the danger zones, it may well have been me.

    I don’t get out to shoot much unfortunately, but I have way too many photos of Point Peron now. It is close by for me and easily satifies any itch I have get to out there without going too far. The best part about visiting one spot often enough, for me anyway, is that I realise how many mistakes I make and things I miss. I always come away feeling there is yet another composition to try or improvement to make.


  2. thanks Brendo

    yeah it’s a nice spot- so I totally understand it bringing you back so often! and I could imagine it would make it tough with so many images of the one place. haha

    one thing i’ve noticed is that different tidal conditions here completely transforms the beach.
    so I have quite a few images too from this beach, with very different foregrounds. too bad the rocks on the horizon don’t change a bit too 😛

    danger zones…. is there such a place- they’re where you get the good shot’s lol.

    thanks for dropping by!

  3. Mission accomplished Stephen, you wanted a sun flare and wow well done! Mega sun flare. Can’t remember the last time I saw an image like that with that huge a star flare!

    I like it! As you know from my blog I also have mixed feelings about these sun in the image photos. Here the sun is still very visible, and quite a large burned out area. Normally not good. But since you have such a beautiful huge flare it works here I reckon!

    I might be tempted to crop a bit of the bottom, to try and get that diagonal line going all the way down into the bottom left corner.

    • thanks Flem- glad you like it 🙂
      you’re a hard man to please with the sun aspetc, so if you think it’s manageable i’m happy with that!

      it is a pretty mean flare hey, i was surprised when it came up as big as it did. i’ll give the crop a look too. thanks

  4. you’ve caught a nice gap in the clouds Stephen – highlighting the patches of rain underneath. the reflection from the moss is also cool. are you using a special filter for the flare?

    • thanks Cain
      yeah we had a number of windless storms coming across the coast that day. was really good to watch.
      i was shooting the moss, but then when the sun came out and lit them up it was just that added x factor.

      nah the flare was all lens hey. i was using the 18-55, opened wide at 18mm, F18, just had on the ND grad and yeah- it came up nice and big. 🙂

  5. Nice shot Stephen, I also like the light off the moss and water in the shot..Without the flare the sun would be a negativ in this one I think.
    It’s great to read that you are happy with the 40D – I am always a firm believer in not being a ‘tech-head’ and if something serves its purpose well then there is no need to spend more money/upgrade.

    • thanks Tony. i definitely agree with you on that one.
      it was a perfect opportunity to try something different with the image- and to be honest was a bit surprised when the flare came up so big.

      yeah i’m quite happy with it. the only problem so far is i’ve not had too much time to get out and use it! 😦 but a 2 week trip away is looming so I hope to make up for lost time there.
      getting used to the different image format is weird though- going from the Olympus 4:3 ratio. it definitely gives the images a very different look, so i’m needing to get used to that a bit.

  6. Hi Stephen,

    Great shot I think the sun flare works really well in this photo. Were you able to sharpen the rocks a touch more at all?


  7. Nice Shot Stephen, The Flare works in this shot, great colours too, I dont even know where Preston point is haha.

    • thanks Will.
      haha, couldn’t resist chucking that in there sorry 😛 I think preston point is up near shark bay hey. i think there’s one up that way anyway- I probably should google it before posting, but i’m a bit lazy 🙂

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