Moody Blues

Here’s another shot from my local…… well 40min away beach, Point Perron. This is actually from quite a while ago- so I guess i’ve posted these images a bit topsy turvy. I went out with a good friend Anton, who is another member of the Gem Camera Club. He’s great at getting portraits out of crowds- and has some fantastic shots of chinese lady’s in full attire, some others from Peru and some more recent action shots from the Avon decent and surf boat races.

Moody Blues

Moody Blues

The cloud continued to thicken as dusk approached- and I was unsure if we were going to manage anything at all. But on this day for whatever reason, we were treated to some amazing water. From the moment we saw it we knew we were in luck. I saw some nice moss on a rock so decided to use it for my foreground, and waited for a nice wave to come through to add a bit of motion. As you can see the water was stunning this evening- i’ve not seen it anywhere near this on any of my trips here. This is also an area I quite frequently snorkel with mates during the summer.

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6 responses to “Moody Blues

  1. Nice shot Stephen. Great title! Like the small chucky island towards the horizon and the sky is really cool!

  2. Thanks Dave. If only all titles came to mind as easy as this one did haha

  3. Sweet shot Stephen! love the colours in this one.

  4. Very nice Stephen. I like the different blue and purple tones along with the green weed on the rock. It works well.

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