Well photography hey- the highs, and the lows. Definitely it doesn’t come easy. I’m down in Esperance now after a week of quite ordinary weather on the south coast. And guess what!? There are blue blue skies, nice fluffy white clouds, amazingly blue waters and white sands. Just as I have been hoping for the whole trip! It is amazingly bueatiful. Now you may ask- why the hell am I on here doing a blog post then with all this magical landscapes outside!!??

Well… dumbness basically…..

Something to always remember- is the basics. Now with photography I don’t think it gets much more basic then setting up a tripod. Now we’ve done it a million times, could do it in our sleep even. So last night i’m shooting the dusk light over at Twilight Bay. Got the tripod set up at the waveline- as i’ve done countless times, shooting away as the light gets better and better, totally blown away by the beauty of that place in that soft light. So blown away that I failed to notice that my tripod was slightly off balance, one leg was still a bit further extended then the rest from the previous location.

So in comes a wave, tiny tiny thing, but it comes up slightly further then the previous ones had…. I think you can see where this is going….. Now when the water runs under the tripod- the sand unsettles a little bit. Not much at all, but just enough usually to crooken the horizon, change the composition a bit or cause a bit of camera shake if your shooting at the time. All a bit of a nuisance, but not too bad really. Except this time, where due to me taking in the scene before me didn’t pay too much attention to the tripod/camera- and when I did…. well it was half way down to the water. Of course it’s the cable release end that gets submerged, so it has no protection at all. Mad rush follows to try and dry etc…..

So now i’m down here with a camera, that has some functions, but will not take a photo. Kinda a bit of a problem huh. Being a smart boy I brought along my old Olympus as a spare *pats self on back*. Stupid me didn’t bring a charger *stabs self in back* so now I have 2 useless camera’s haha.

As a result am forced inside surfing the net to try and locate

A) a charger for the Olympus to at least get me by while i’m here

B) a new 40D for my return to Perth.

So kiddies, don’t forge to always have a level tripod, especially when shooting in such situations as the above. It really doesn’t take much to toally unsettle the set up.


7 responses to “Bugger…….

  1. Oh bugger! I feel for ya Stephen, that is bad bad luck! Could happen to anyone, don’t beat yourself up about it too much. Just plain bad luck. I dropped my filter adapter ring in Joffre Gorge Karijini, resulting in my handholding filters for the last month (with quite a few images with my fingers in the frame!). I haven’t broken a camera yet and always carry a backup camera (and charger hehe). I have come very close to knocking over the tripod many times though and the wind has made many efforts on my tripod as well.

    I hope you get a new camera or charger sorted so you can get back to shooting asap, it is so frustrating to be stuck not being able to shoot.

    • yup it sure was. replayed it so many times in my head it’s not funny haha. why didn’t i do what i’ve done all the other times- if i did that it would still be ok. and yeah- pretty deflated. no enthusiasm to get out there at all right now. hopefully tomorrow will pick up.

      i’ve got a couple of good priced bodies to choose from back in Perth. so at least that side of things is covered. in the meantime i’ll just have to choose my shots very carefully to maintain battery life 🙂

  2. Yeah not good Stephen, These things happen and sounds like you were just plain unlucky! at least you will make sure it wont happen again! 🙂

  3. oh noes – it was the new camera right? commiserations. i had a similar thing happen last week – i was shooting up against a sheer cliff on sand and a freak wave came in leaving me nowhere to run and hide so i had to take it. luckily i saw it coming and lifted my tripod up high.

    • yup of course it was Cain- wouldn’t happen any other way would it haha. will get a new body soon, at least I have everything else already.

      oh, lucky. some waves come out of nowhere don’t they!

  4. SHIT ! If it’s any consolation Stephen I think just about everyone of us has had similarish stupid brain fades that piss us off no end and cost us a heap of money…

    all the best,

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