The highs of photography

Well after the doom and gloom lately I thought i’d best post something a bit brighter. πŸ™‚ Who would have thought that 24hrs later- my emotions would be completely the opposite as when I stood here on this beautiful beach in Albany. I headed out for a new location to shoot- and went into the Torndirrup National Park. Better known for the Gap and Natural Bridge. Instead of heading all the way out to that end of the headland I went out to the Vancouver Peninsula. As usual racing against the light, which was looking very very promising- I dismissed the first beach I went to, and then came across this stunner!

Whalers Cove

Whalers Cove

Whalers Cove, really just lends itself to photography. The sky to the West was fantastic! But I took preference to the East facing beach in the hope that the clouds would light up also. Facing West I think would have been a waste anyway as there was no real way for me to capture the beauty that was unfolding. Needless to say my punt paid off- and in an amazing 10 min light show I strolled along firing at will. Wow, this photography stuff is easy isn’t it πŸ™‚

Probably got 3 keepers from the session- and another couple that weren’t too shabby either.

I hope you enjoy this also

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14 responses to “The highs of photography

  1. Great to hear you are back in action, no fate but what you make so glad to hear you got back out there and was rewarded with great light which you captured very well!

    I would crop the bottom a bit but arpart from that it is lovely!

    • thanks Flem. yeah this was the night before the camera took a swim.
      but will be back out today to hopefully get some day beach shots. the Olympus has given up on longer exposures so there’ll be no more of them for the trip haha. day images it is. πŸ™‚

      i do have another shot with more sky- less sand but took a liking for the whiteness. despite it plonking the horizon in the center :-/

  2. Great shot Stephen,
    Awesome colour in the sky.

  3. nice! nice soft light! and cool sky, nice work.

  4. I like this shot Steven. Bugger about your camera though. I’ve dropped my old film cameras a few times and they can kinda take it but no so digital cameras. I’ve got my fingers crossed though!
    Apart from that looks like you’re having a great trip and the pics look great!

    • thanks Dave.
      yeah apart from that it’s not been too bad. the weather hasn’t really been ideal photography wise- so just lucky these places are so damn beautiful anyway! πŸ™‚ so i’ve still been lucky enough to come away with some shots.

      more bad news with the camera is i think i’ll have to wait a lil bit longer before i’ll be able to get your book. i’m sure you understand though πŸ™‚ 1 day without a camera is bad enough lol

  5. Nice shot Stephen ,
    Love the soft light and Colors

  6. a sweet location Stephen – nicely executed

  7. very nice mate

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