My first photography tutorial- Tripods 101

***For starters- if you don’t know what this is about, read my last few posts on the blog. It will make sense after that haha 🙂 ***

Well motivation was back up a bit more today- with news that the camera store in town will charge my batteries for my Olympus after leaving the charger at home. I’d prefer not to have had to use the back up camera for starters- but we won’t go there again. So I headed out as the weather was quite nice, snapped a few images and then the clouds came back in again. And judging by the forcast- may be in for a while. So as I was waiting for some breaks in the clouds I thought hey- why not do a fantastic tutorial…. on how to use a tripod. Everyone’s into tutorials lately so why not me. I have an arvo doing nothing anyway (as you can see in the images it’s not the best conditions for photography right now) so I may as well pass on my experience 😛tripod1

First step is to extend the legs to the desired length. It is crucial that these be reasonably the same, to ensure a level head. And maximum stability. If you are on a slope, make necessary adjustments for that.


Next is to check for stability. This can be achieved by slightly shaking the tripod.


If this passes the test we’re good to go!! 🙂


However if your tripod legs are looking something like this…..


Look out! Because this may happen. Which when you’re in water, is not good at all!

tripod6And if you’re in water- after the mad dash around to get it all out and dry….. There may be some of this going on…..



tripod8S0 dont be silly like I was, make sure and double sure. It’s something we all do so many times that really don’t even give it a second thought. But it doesn’t take much for it to go pearshaped. And when it’s your camera, over the water- well yeah…. Make sure!! 🙂

I hope anyway that this does it’s job- in case you haven’t already figured out, more of a laugh then anything. And taking the piss outa myself! Please note i’m not a actor, nor a model… so please don’t hold any of that against me here ok! haha. I may need to resort to selling my body now though to afford a new camera body- so offers are welcome 😛

Anyway my job here is done. Take care 🙂


12 responses to “My first photography tutorial- Tripods 101

  1. Hahahah great fun Stephen 😀 Love your tutorial, now can you write me one on how not to drop lens caps please!! 😀

    • haha, glad it got a laugh Flem 🙂 i was a bit bored as you can see.
      hopefully everyone who reads this will at least have it going through their head when they’re out shooting- and therefore won’t make the same mistake.

      I thought of fixing the horizon for you- but…. nah… 😛

      and lens caps- probably get one of those sticky strap things haha- bout my only advice there i think 🙂

  2. lol, is this a manfrotto?

  3. is it amazing? i want to get one 😀

  4. i don’t think it’s the full blown manfrotto- but i enjoy using it. nice and sturdy and this model isn’t too heavy either- good for when you’re hiking all day.
    it has done me well- except for this one occasion, which I think is safe to say it was due more to operator error 😛

    but i’d recommend the brand. this one’s battle scarred and doesn’t complain- I really put it through a bit more then I should haha. but i think on this trip it’s earned a nice bath and some crc spray when it gets home 🙂

  5. Very funny Stephen! I once dropped a manfrotto tripod into Handrail pool at Karijini and it quickly sank to the bottom. I duck dived several times but couldn’t find it cause it was too dark and I couldn’t hold my breath long enough. So a month later I took scuba gear down the gorge to get it!
    Can you make a tutoral for that?

    • thanks Dave- glad it got the desired result.
      you really did that one properly didn’t you! haha.
      you must’ve got some interesting looks from people when you were dragging the scuba gear down the gorge 😛

  6. great stuff Stephen, good for a laugh on a Friday afternoon in the office. Devastated to hear about your bad luck though, it is the thing of nightmares for us photographers. Its good to see your spirits are still high though.

  7. hahaha! i had a mate who had hoisted his tripod up too high and then watched it topple over in the wind smashing the lens. i think the important points to note is not to rush and get some scuba gear just in case!

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