Kalamunda Photo Exhibition

Just a quick post as i’ve just got back into town, and not flat out back into it. It’s pretty late notice but there’s a Photo Exhibition/competition being run by the Gem Camera Club in Kalamunda over the weekend. It’s being held at the Performing Arts Center which is located on Canning Road, right near the footy oval. I’ve got 2 entries in there myself but there is a number of other very talented photographers entered as well, so if you’re in the area make sure you check it out.

I was just down there myself and the level of photographs is very pleasing- and with 60+ you’ll not be disappointed. Most works can be purchased as well, so if you’re looking out for a new photo for yourself- or even a nice…. i’m not going to say the C word yet ok 🙂 it’s a good place to see a handful of images in one place.

The doors are open between 10am and 4pm on both Saturday 10th and Sunday the 11th.

Sorry once again for the lateness in this, but hopefully you’ll have time to pop in and see the display.


3 responses to “Kalamunda Photo Exhibition

  1. Stephen,

    I read and enjoyed your “Bound for Bremer Bay” article published in the march 24 2010 edition of the Western Australian Outback Adventures magazine.

    I am enquiring if you have released or are intending to release other adventure stories about Western Australia?

    Regards keith Spencer

    • Hi Keith

      I believe that would be one of the other Stephen Williams’s that are out there. There’s a few of us 🙂 lol.
      This blog is just about as much writing I could handle- but does cover my own adventures across this great land. Not quite what you’re after though I don’t think.

      Sorry bout that

  2. Keith Spencer

    Thanks, Stwphen.



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