Here’s a image from West Beach looking out to button island- just minutes from the middle of Esperance. You hear of the beaches and water of this place, you see many images of the water and beaches of this place- but seeing it in person still blows you away! It is an amazingly beautiful place. And as someone who loves beaches, well obviously I loved this place. Despite it taking my camera as a sacrifice haha!

Button Island

Button Island

I was really hoping to get some images like those i’d seen so many times- pure white beaches, pristine blue water, amazingly blue skies dotted with fluffy white clouds. Unfortunately the conditions I had weren’t going to allow me to capture these, but even when this place is not at it’s best it’s still so stunning. The clouds were more grey then white, and quite often thick. So I was forced to snap away crazily when the sun peered between the breaks in the clouds. The water was also quite choppy due to the constant breeze that was blowing. Due to this the sand near the water was wet, so also came up a bit more grey then white. To combat this I got into the water, and managed to get this shot as a result. I quite like the main wave cutting through the image, and the cloud- was pretty much the only white cloud in the sky. So I was glad to have it in a position I was able to use haha 🙂

After my brief visit here- it’s definitely somewhere I wish to head back to in the near future, a bit nearer then i’d originally planned… but I have some unfinished business with this area 🙂

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8 responses to “Esperance

  1. what is esperance?

  2. it’s a town on the South Coast of Western Australia.
    beaches and water like you would not believe! 🙂

  3. Esperance is one of my favourite places that i’ve visited in Aus. Beautiful beaches and amazing landscapes. Neat photo, Stephen. Could do with a bit more contrast in the sky, imo, (pull the whites in on a levels layer), but great apart from that.

    • thank Beau. yeah i was really blown away by it. you really can’t comprehend what the place is like until you see it in person!
      yeah i’m not happy with the sky in any of my Esperance shots really. they’re all flat and just don’t pop due to the clouds basically not being white. so in the photo that is even more obvious.

      I did contemplate doing the layers adjustment on the sky but it’s really not what I do, even in person they weren’t much whiter anyway- so i’ll just go back and hopefully get better conditions then 🙂
      thanks for the suggestion though

  4. Nice shot stephen – yeah I reckon 100km either side of Esperance is pretty magic and the highlight of southern WA (for me anyway) 🙂

  5. Nice image and a great blog to boot. I like the Stirling Ranges images and the tripod tutorial is a hoot! I followed the look from Bo’s blog by the way, wish I’d have found it sooner.

    • hey Matt
      thanks, glad you like them. the Stirlings are a place i can’t get enough of- but if you’ve seen the posts you’d already know that haha
      glad you liked the tutorial, bit of fun at my expense 🙂

      yeah there’s so many blogs out there I struggle getting to heaps as well! so i know what you mean.

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