A beautiful Albany Sunset

Here’s the second image from what was an amazing sunset I was lucky enough to get at Whalers Cove in Albany. It really is a gorgeous beach, as close to perfect as you could get- the mozzies must agree as they were there in force as well! Once again this is facing East- and as you can see the clouds lit up wonderfully. Waiting for a small wave to wet the sand in front of the rock to give it the added bonus of a slight reflection I think has paid off.


Albany Sunset

It’s one of my favorite images from the trip- and is one growing on me everyday. I hope you enjoy it too 🙂

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12 responses to “A beautiful Albany Sunset

  1. Hi Stephen,

    I like it. Great composition, colours and foreground interest. Overall a great photo. Keep them coming through! 🙂


  2. Yerp. Great image Stephen, all the colours work so well together

  3. Ooooo nice one here Stephen. Really like it!

  4. Very impressive Stephen, great even lighting and exposure.

  5. Sweet, waiting for the wave paid of well. Good stuff!:)

    Insect repellant, the unsung hero of the landscape photographers kit!

    • thanks Matt- glad you like it.
      yes… the repellent… it’s always in the back of my cruiser- so I always have it with me. problem is…. i never remember it until the mozzies come out.
      usually that is right when the light is at it’s best! 😉 haha. usually provides entertainment for everyone else as i’m doing a wacky dance slapping myself and the air in between shots! lol

  6. Great shot Stephen! I really like the softness of the colours and the water.

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