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The Perfect Australian Beach

Here’s a photo I took at what has to be one of the most beautiful beach i’ve ever been to. It’s Little Beach- found in the Two Peoples Bay National Park. Two Peoples Bay is located about 30min East of Albany, and is home to a number of rare and endangered animals including the Noisy Scrub Bird, and the Gilberts Potoroo- both of which were declared as extinct for a number of years until being re-discovered in this pocket of bushland.

Little Beach

The day I was here was quite overcast and windy- both of which don’t make it easy to get a nice beach image. But waiting patiently for the sun to come out proved rewarding. The blue’s of this water are unbelievable under the bright sun- and when you look into a wave it’s as close to clear glass as you could imagine. Next task was to wait patiently once more for a nice breaking wave to come through- which was near impossible to line up with the sun being out haha, so after about half an hour both combined.

We’re pretty spoilt with the beaches we have here in WA that’s for sure!

I definitely look forward to returning to this beach sometime- with a few idea’s for some images i’d like to get 🙂

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Dawn of Time- Denmark

Ok well it’s 2010- so now for the cheesy pledge of  New Years Resolution 😛 That being I hope to actually get on here with a post every so often. I think there was about 20 last year… which is a pretty poor effort on my behalf!

After a crazy few months with work moving warehouse, as well as calendar promoting etc- by the end of the day my brain was not working enough to construct anything decent. So I thought i’d save you all the boredom haha. Got plenty here now ready to go though.

Here’s the next image I got on my trip down South in October last year. Again it’s Greens Pool, just to the West of Denmark it’s a place I absolutely love going to. I’m hoping to get a couple more trips down that way again this year. So many boulders to work with, and then pristine water. On this trip it wasn’t so tranquil with storms coming across- but they all added to the atmosphere of this image I feel.

Dawn of Time

Seeing the crack filled with water from the previous nights rain, I got down nice and low to pick up the reflection of the sky. Then  waited for the sun to come out- and when it did, it  hit the rocks in the water with wonderful golden light.

Hope you all enjoy this image- sorry it’s another seascape though Flem! And a few more to come- hopefully I can manage to get out and shoot some landscapes to break them up a bit for ya 🙂

All the best for the new year too everyone- I’m looking very forward to it with a few trips away. A couple of weeks up in the Pilbara again, as well as a few weekend trips away to some neat new locations (and not so new as well). On top of that i’ll be following up with another calendar for 2011, as well as a few other projects which is exciting. Should get round to updating my website too i spose lol.

Take care


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