Dawn of Time- Denmark

Ok well it’s 2010- so now for the cheesy pledge ofΒ  New Years Resolution πŸ˜› That being I hope to actually get on here with a post every so often. I think there was about 20 last year… which is a pretty poor effort on my behalf!

After a crazy few months with work moving warehouse, as well as calendar promoting etc- by the end of the day my brain was not working enough to construct anything decent. So I thought i’d save you all the boredom haha. Got plenty here now ready to go though.

Here’s the next image I got on my trip down South in October last year. Again it’s Greens Pool, just to the West of Denmark it’s a place I absolutely love going to. I’m hoping to get a couple more trips down that way again this year. So many boulders to work with, and then pristine water. On this trip it wasn’t so tranquil with storms coming across- but they all added to the atmosphere of this image I feel.

Dawn of Time

Seeing the crack filled with water from the previous nights rain, I got down nice and low to pick up the reflection of the sky. ThenΒ  waited for the sun to come out- and when it did, itΒ  hit the rocks in the water with wonderful golden light.

Hope you all enjoy this image- sorry it’s another seascape though Flem! And a few more to come- hopefully I can manage to get out and shoot some landscapes to break them up a bit for ya πŸ™‚

All the best for the new year too everyone- I’m looking very forward to it with a few trips away. A couple of weeks up in the Pilbara again, as well as a few weekend trips away to some neat new locations (and not so new as well). On top of that i’ll be following up with another calendar for 2011, as well as a few other projects which is exciting. Should get round to updating my website too i spose lol.

Take care


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19 responses to “Dawn of Time- Denmark

  1. Very Nice Stephen! love the composition and sweet lighting too! one of my favs of yours for sure.

  2. Nice one Stephen. Greens Pool is a most delightful spot. Ric and I will try to get down that way mid year perhaps

  3. Nice composition, mate, with the puddles in the foreground and awesome sky out back. Hopefully you keep up with your new years resolution!

  4. Hey I am into seascapes and mountainscapes as well now Stephen, no worries πŸ™‚ This is very nice, good composition. It really makes me want to explore the place, there are gorgeous waves and colours further into the image.

  5. no need to apologise, you have probably still been more active then I have been lately.
    good to hear the weather has been kind.
    look forward to seeing what you’ve managed to capture πŸ™‚

  6. Ahhh Denmark. Haven’t been there in a couple of years. Only place we seem to be going (when we do go!) is inland for some reason. Might have to start exploring the coast again.

  7. looks good mate! I need to get out of perth more often for photography rather than pissy weekends! haha

  8. Nice one, this is a good spot in the right light, the only time I’ve been there when it’s good is with a 3MP point and shoot. Not good for an iconic image from the region.

  9. Sweet shot Stephen. Looks wild and pristine.

    • thanks Dave
      sure does- feels that way too when you are the only person down there! πŸ™‚

      cya on the True North! i’ll look for the rockstar like following to figure out who you are hey πŸ˜‰

      • Rock star like? Reckon you might have me confused with CF! I’ll be the geek wearing a bow tie and classes sitting in the corner. He he.

        Did you still want me to bring a Kimberley book?

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