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Leeuwin Lighthouse-Augusta

Well these are a from a while back, and I wasn’t going to post but recently having them printed I realised I liked them more then I originally thought. I was never quite happy with them, as I felt I didn’t quite capture them the way I wanted. However seeing them in print I saw they actually were closer to what I’d set out to achieve. If that makes any sense at all 🙂 haha

Leeuwin Lighthouse

The first is a nice portrait I spose of the Leewin Lighthouse, with nice strong light ilumintaing the white bricks as they stretched upwards into an amazingly blue sky. The small patch of cloud and glint of sun in the window gave it just that little extra. Lets see Flem pick me up on the horizon though 😉

Leeuwin Sunset

The next one here is a different vantage point to the normal. As you know by now I don’t take the trademark shots. I don’t have a Cottesloe photo, no Crawley boatshed, Sugarloaf rock images etc for me. So I wanted to get the lighthouse with some lovely light as the sun was setting, hitting the rocks and overlooking the water at the same time. I had to jump out over a few rocks to set up to be able to get to this vantage point. After being hit by a wave a couple of days earlier I was still a bit wary of the waves coming through though lol. This light lasted about a minute, so luckily I was set up waiting.

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