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Rottnest Island and the perfect Australia Day

Well me mates always say that i’m “Fashionably Late” all the time- so I guess this post is keeping up with that trend Lol. Here’s my image I took while on what has to be an amazing Oz day aboard the True North, on our trip over to Rotto. An absolutely amazing boat, 1 beautiful island, 4 amazing tutors, 100 keen photographers and a pretty dedicated crew all added up to one wicked day! When the lesson’s were over we all headed over to the Island itself, where I decided to spend my time snorkeling while everyone else took photo’s. As it turns out it was my only snorkel for the season! So I don’t regret that desicion at all. 🙂

Holding back the Indian

Holding back the Indian

After I was done snorkeling, I thought I’d better snap a couple (ended up only being 1 scene) of shot’s- after all you can’t go to Rotto and not take a photo can you!? And with a tripod on the line in the world class photo comp, I had to have a crack. This is what I came up with anyway- just no where near in time to make the competition lol. Love the subtle tones throughout the image, and I thought the Australian Flags on the yacht, balanced with the Mighty True North way back on the Horizon very nicely for the Ozzie Day theme. It looks to me that the rocks holding back the mighty Indian Ocean- hence the name…. me smart hey 😛

Anyway here’s the comp that was going on for the day- so check out the finalists. Some great shots!

And here’s some info for next years event which has taken on a different format.

Photographers that tutored for the day:

Christian Fletcher– Legend, main reason why I snap photo’s today! Who doesn’t know who he is anyway…

Nic Rains– Great photographer, fantastic to see someone else who doesn’t over cook their images in photoshop 😛

Tony Hewit– Amazing speaker and photographer- cooks his images, but in a bloody amazing way. Brilliant all round!

Glen Cowans– Mad diver/underwater photographer who has some amazing photographs, and some pretty cool stories to boot!