Lights Beach- Denmark

I’ve made it no secret that I love the Denmark region of Western Australia. And even though I’m yet to visit the area in sunshine, i’ve still managed to get some quite nice photos. With the thick clouds and overcast conditions, some nice atmospheric scenes can be found. Especially just before sunrise or just after sunset.

Witches Cauldron

This is one of those occasions, when I was staying at Ocean Beach caravan park late last year. I’d visited this beach earlier on that day, and was eyeing off a few compositions that would be nice when I returned for sunset. By the time i’d returned, the wind had picked up a bit and the clouds were quite thick. Unfortunately the first 3 compositions I was wanting to shoot had fisherman on them haha. So I had to re-think.

This is what I ended up with, and when it’s all said and done I’m glad the fisherman were where they were- because I would have been at the other end of the beach if they weren’t. So it worked in the end. The mossy rocks were obviously an eye catcher, and slowing the exposure down in the dying light caused the boiling of the water as the waves came through. Believe it or not I actually had to bring the green back in this image as it was far too strong originally.

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18 responses to “Lights Beach- Denmark

  1. well i must aytha this sho is very impressive.
    it has an almost painterly feel to it too

  2. lol. i meant to say ‘say that this shot’

  3. A very beautiful image. Was in that area late last year, very nice.

  4. Nice image mate, I love moody images like this! It has a great atmosphere.

    • thanks Matt- I go through stages where it’s all I manage to get haha. i’d actually like to get some “happy” images to balance out the website a bit lol.
      but when a shot’s on I still have to try and get the image, so it’s better having tonnes of these then nothing at all πŸ™‚

  5. Tony Middleton

    Amazing greens there Stephen, well done on making the most of your situation and light πŸ™‚

  6. Hey Stephen,

    This is a seriously wicked shot mate. Love the colours. I can’t wait to hit Denmark again.


    • thanks Jamie, pretty happy with this myself.
      had a couple prints done up for it, 1 on print which was very nice framed, just had another on Canvas which is pretty cool too.
      think it’s time to get one on aluminium for myself though πŸ™‚

  7. Good idea. I printed one up of Esperance for myself recently and put it onto aluminium. Its a great medium.


  8. When are you heading down to the Stirling Ranges next?

  9. really not too sure at the moment hey. planning on moving up to the Pilbara in a couple of months πŸ™‚
    so that’s taken most of my planning in the immediate future.
    also i’m wanting to head out along the ridge next time I do head down there, which is just wilderness hiking i’ve not managed to do for a couple of years. so probably not your kinda thing haha.
    if I head down, and am not hiking myself into the ground i’ll let yus know though πŸ™‚

  10. Awesome, how do you make the color of the rock (green) come out without over exposing the sky?

    • thanks.
      it was a long exposure sometime after the sun had gone down. so it was a very even light throughout- I also had a Grad ND Filter, from memory a 1 or 2 stop just to balance the sky a bit more.

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