Awesome Iphone App for photographers

Well i’m never a real big fan of getting the latest gadgets as I like to let everyone else iron out the bugs haha. But i’ve just gone and signed onto a new plan and got my hands on an Iphone. Nifty little gadget that’s for sure. Main reason I got it actually is so that I can use it in Next G area’s so i’ll actually have some coverage in some of the area’s I like to travel to…. oh ok, and maybe for some games šŸ™‚ hehe

“The photographers bible”

Anyways, I came across this app the other day. Freakin fantastic!! It covers just about everything you need as a photographer. Moon phases, Sunrise/Sunset times, Sun highest point, Exposure Calculator, DOF and hyperfocal calculations, bulb timer, it can even work out difraction for your particular camera model. Yeah you can work all this out via other ways, but hey- we’re in the age of being lazy and having everything done for us, and of course instantly in our hand. So check it out! You’ll probably all turn round and tell me you all got this ages ago. Well if that’s the case, why didn’t you share!? hahaha šŸ™‚


6 responses to “Awesome Iphone App for photographers

  1. Gee I hate too say this Steve , but I got this ages ago!!!

    Yes I really did but you know, I’m almost embarrassed to say I’ve never used it , it sort of got lost among the other useless APP’s I down loaded. Now you have bought it up I’m going to go and try it out.


    • haha, who should be more embarrassed… you for not using it… or me for being out teched by you?? šŸ˜› lol. i’ve not put it to use in the field, but I reckon it’ll come in handy especially for moons etc, and long exposure calculator šŸ™‚

  2. I’ve also got Dr DOF which is pretty good and I also have moon phase which is pretty cool as well.Motion X is a pretty amazing GPS app for using in the car , but beware they all chew up battery life quicker than you can down a stubbie.

    The coolest app of them all is Star Walk , you must get that for checking out the night sky when your out and about.

  3. Thanks for the tips chaps. I’ve got Dr DOF and Motion X too. Matt Lauder put me on to TPE ‘The Photographers Ephemeris’ and even has a tutorial to teach you how to use it. I’ll adding this one to my collection too.

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