The superhero of all sand dunes

While Esperance is known mainly for it’s white beaches and amazing water, it also has some pretty cool sand dunes around as well. Of course that white sand that stretches the beaches also makes it’s way into the dunes. I’d seen the dunes on my previous trip down there and also on Google Earth, and really wanted to get in and check them out.

Esperance Sand Dune

Super Dune

Getting there a bit before sunset, the sun was quite low- intensifying the shadows and lines. As with any location I go to, I wanted something different to the standard sand dune photo. So when I saw this “S” curve in the dune, with a perfect amount of light hitting it’s edge I knew it was that unique image I was after. It was interesting getting images here without tracks all through them from 4wds and motorbikes, or remains of campfires. There was stuff scattered all through the dunes which was a bit disappointing. Why can’t young people enjoy these places for what they are!? Instead of only going there to proceed to wreck it! Grrr…

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15 responses to “The superhero of all sand dunes

  1. Tony Middleton

    Cool shot Stephen, great sand ripples mate 🙂

  2. That’s not a dune mate 🙂 Go to Namibia, you shall find the kings and superheroes of dunes. 400 meter tall majestic dunes, now that’s a dune 🙂

    This is a nice dune image Stephen, you caught the light right. As the self proclaimed king of dune photography, can I recommend getting lower to the sand the angle is more dramatic, it works well I find to have the camera almost hovering just above the sand.

    And I’m with ya on trash left in nature, grrrr!!!

    • hehe I knew that’d get a bite from you Flem. 🙂
      but how many of the Namibian sand dunes have their very own “S” on their chest!? 😉 haha.

      you’d snub your nose at these dunes though, maybe 20m tall haha, so you’re right on that front.

      and yeah, I was wishing I went a bit lower after I got back to base. but still, my first time shooting Dunes, so I hope I can still improve on this a lot! 🙂

      • Sometimes the smaller dunes are a lot easier to turn into gorgeous images though as you can easily crawl around and find a great composition. Takes half a day to scale a 400 meter Namibian monster dune!

        and where’s your comment on my latest post mate, been waiting for days 😀

  3. Slow down old codger 😉

    I’m with you on the trash though. I’m starting to wonder if there is something tough about crushing beer cans with your bare hands and flinging them away from you to show your throwing power, or if people just take the nature around them so much for granted that they fail to see what they’re doing anymore. Or if some people never grow out of the teenage mindset..

    That photo looks so much better large than at that size, it’s not funny. Methinks you need a new blog design Stephen. This one’s not doing your photos justice!

    • oh there was no throwing the empties Charlene, they were all right next to the fireplaces! it’s like- you spend the time to go there, so obviously there’s some love for the place. so why the hell don’t you look after it!!??
      something I forever wonder hey.

      thanks Charlene, and yes, most of the images don’t look too good at thumbnail size hey. bit of a bummer.

      • Change your template Stephen. WordPress have some pretty nice free large-image templates from what I can see.

        With regard to the “why don’t they look after it if they love it?” question, i thik the answer is simple – because it’s not their back yard 😦

  4. haha yeah very good point there.
    i’ve seen some doco about people walking in the sahara, and for every 2 steps up it’s 1 sliding back down. crazy!

    and look who’s become a stat’s man. gees, one post with a few thousand views and look at you go 😛 hehe.
    I just jumped across and looked, and i’m now confused as i’m pretty sure I commented on it before. will do it again 🙂

    • hehehe, I am addicted mate, one post featured on freshly pressed, 2500+ views etc, oh sweet drug, feature me again feature me again oh please WordPress editor, make me famous 😀

      Walking on the crest of these huge dunes in Namibia is just murder for the hips. You have to step on the sides of the crest, one foot on each side (I recommend the right on the right side of the crest but whatever works!) and your feet slide down all the time. Tough dangerous work being a photog!

  5. ok Charlene, check this shiz out 🙂
    I think the lines go a bit funky due to the size not being in a constant reduction in relation to the original image but I guess it gives a bit of a different look.

    • Nah, needs to be bigger 😉 A huge improvement from the last template though! Get rid of the weird yellow lined paper background and you’re gold.

  6. haha, yeah when I went back on it I went yuck too!
    liked the layout but couldn’t find a way to change the colour.
    third time lucky 🙂
    pretty plain, but I guess people aren’t here to check out my blog layout haha

    • No, people aren’t here to look at your blog template, but it plays a significant part in how long they stay, whether they read, and how often they come back.

      This one’s good!

  7. yup agree totally. thanks for your advice 🙂

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