Luck doesn’t just happen-you create it

Well after Jamie’s turned around and referred to me as “Mr Stirling”, I thought i’d best pump out a post from my beloved Stirlings. This is an image quite similar to others, with the harvested crops leading towards the hills. But as usual with me it’s got a twist- that being that this isn’t Bluff Knoll. Just about every image like this contains that peak- so here I am giving Mt Trio some love too.

Head to the hills

Head to the hills

If you’re wondering where the title came from, the story will fill you in on that. This image was lucky that I got it, but it wasn’t a case of me driving down the road, to just happen to see it there. I sure earned it. The evening before I climbed Mt Trio late in the day to try for some nice sunset photos, something that unfortunately didn’t eventuate due to an amazingly thick band of haze on the horizon. Which literally shut out all light about 15min earlier then normal!

Anyway I climbed the peak, and while I was up there I noticed this field far below me, and thought what a good place for a shoot the following morning. So I tried to make note of the side roads that led to it, and then the following morning tried to navigate there in the dark. I got there in the end surprisingly easily 🙂 The hardest part was actually standing in the field while mozzie’s nipped away at me in crazy fashion! haha. I waited for the light, which once lifted above the ground lit up the stubble beautifully. So when it’s all said and done, if I didn’t trek up the peak late the day before, this shot would never have come about.

Mt- Trio

Mt Trio Pano

This is the sunset from on top of the peak anyway. Not the best as you can see due to the thick haze. A bit unfortunate, but then as you can see here, it also created a pretty unusual effect the other direction, with the haze causing some intense colours, and then Mt Trio casting a shadow into the sky itself.

Bluff Knoll from Mt Trio

Bluff Knoll from Mt Trio

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25 responses to “Luck doesn’t just happen-you create it

  1. That dusk pano is gorgeous!

    • thanks Charlene- it’s funny, I don’t really rate that image, but it seems the most popular so far haha. I wonder if that’s due to me being so focused on missing the image i’d visualized for that photoshoot- that I don’t notice what it does have.
      i do like it, but it definitely wasn’t one that jumped out at me.
      glad you like it 🙂

      • Yep, I’d say that’s your most popular one too from the comments. Why I like it: sheer simplicity – elements are essentially shadows and dusky sky, but say so much!

  2. Some brilliant images. The one from the top of Mount Trio is perfect.
    Let me know next time your down that way!

    • thanks very much Leigh- you have an incredible world at your doorstep hey. and yeah i’ll pop you an email next time i’m down that way. just make sure you remember your gloves this time hey 🙂
      we’ll go for a snow reunion on the summit of Bluff Knoll

  3. I love the leading lines and golden colour in the first photo.

  4. Great post Stephen, I love your Stirling stories. Must join you down there some day for sure, perhaps I will be in WA in November!

    You are totally right, one has to work to get lucky, stack the odds in your favour!

    I really like all 3 images! Great lines in the first one, it seems to be begging for a pano shot though 🙂 Beautiful dusk pano! You could pump up the light and colours a bit. Last one is wicked, I have never seen that before. I have always been in a flat desert when witnessing the earth’s shadow blocking the dusk light causing the blue line at the bottom. Never seen it like this with a mountain casting a shadow, very cool.

    • thanks Flem Bot, flattered to hear that from you 🙂
      and on November, unfortunately I don’t think that’ll work for me. mainly due to the fact that at that stage I should be living… in the Pilbara 🙂
      so i’ll join you up that way for sure for a shoot!

      i’ll post a different version to the first image soon which is now actually capturing me more.

      i’ll give brightening the pano a bit a go and see how it goes. I didn’t worry about it much as I wasn’t drawn to the image too much (see my comment to Charlene) but it seems popular 🙂

      and yeah, i was blown away to be standing there and see the sky and shadow like that myself. i’d really not seen it anywhere near as strong before. still not convinced it’s a “great” image, but it’s pretty cool still.

      • Pilbara, even better mate! I am probably doing Papua New Guinea from Cairns with True North Mark and Fletcher – then I have this crazy idea of getting a car and driving from Cairns to Broome. Could swing by Pilbara too!

        Last image may not be a great shot per se, but an awesome phenomenon for sure!

  5. Hi Stephen I really like the dusk pano – I actually think the haze has a nice impact. Just intensify the colours a bit and it will be even better. I always laugh that they are called mountains, although they probably feel like it when you’ve just climbed up to the top of them! 😉

    • hi Jo, good to see you here. 🙂
      glad you like that image. it seems a popular one which is funny as i’ve not really rated it lol.

      and yes, i quite often think that exact same thing. I don’t actually class any of them as mountains, i’m a mountain goat at heart and that is one aspect of Oz that i’m a bit embarrassed about haha.

      i find it very funny that every hill in the Stirlings that is by height, a “mountain”- is not actually called as such. Ie, Toolbrunup peak, Bluff Knoll, Ellen’s Peak. yet there are Mt Trio, Mt Hassel, Mt Magog etc, all of which are well under the 1000m mark.

      doesn’t make sense haha

  6. Thanks Stephen. No it makes no sense at all. and then you have Mt Bruce and the like further north which I would really classify as hills as well!

    Funny though.

    • Yeah the one’s up North are hills on top of a range. So you drive up 60-70% of the elevation and then the rest is a small hump on top.
      Very much like Kozzie over in the Snowies, for our highest peak in the land it’s pretty tame 😦

      • and not even any snow! Ah to be back in the Alps, or checking out the Rockies……oh well I guess the beaches and sunshine make uf for it at least a bit 🙂

  7. Sounds good Flem, will line something up for sure as it gets closer.
    The wide open expanses of the Pilbara, your at home there. And i’ll be hanging off your every word as wide open spaces is something I have a lot of improvement in 🙂
    Hopefully i’ll have some nice secret spots scouted out by then too that we can head to!

  8. Ok Flem, Charlene- i’ve put a diferent version of the pano up. only a slight adjustment but it’s a little brighter now 🙂

    and yeah Jo, the beaches are awesome over here.
    so I agree that they make up for the lack of mountains 🙂

  9. Tony Middleton

    Very true Stephen and I always believe the more work/opportunities you put yourself in the more likely we are to be rewarded. – love the somewhat less linear crop lines in this one.

  10. Beautiful shots Stephen. The haze in the 2nd shot is great cause of its misty feel that somewhat isolates the peaks. Like the way you tell a good story when you add pics. Your new banner is great btw!

    • thanks Dave.
      I’m glad everyone has enjoyed that image. I wasn’t even sure whether to put it up when I posted haha.

      I’m glad you like my stories too. It’s why I struggle posting regularly sometimes as I really don’t like rushing an image up with no info. Some days i’m just not very inspired on the writing haha.

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