Living on the edge

This is another image from Two Peoples Bay, found near Albany. Very very close to the image I had in mind, and my favorite of the images i’ve got from here to this stage.

Living on the edge

Living on the edge

I was really drawn to the tree hanging on to the rock, as a matter of fact it had stuck in my mind ever since the first time I saw it. And I was very excited to try and use it in an image upon my return. The water here is so clear, and as it’s so shallow you can still see all the rocks on the bottom. I was actually set up further along the beach, taking images very similar to my previous photo, but with the late afternoon sun hitting the rocks. The sun went behind some thick clouds on the horizon, so I thought the chance of a good sunset had disappeared with it.

So as I waited for the light to improve, I walked down to the rocks and clambered over this scene. Just as I got here, the light went insane! What had happened was the sun was below the horizon, still with the thick cloud killing any direct light from it. But there was a lot of higher cloud, and that was acting as a huge natural reflector to the left of this, and as it lit up- cast this perfect light across the rocks and scene. I sprinted back to get my camera, and got back with minutes to spare. It was interesting balancing out on this rock, but was well worth it in the end.

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14 responses to “Living on the edge

  1. This is really nice Stephen, the lilacy colours of the sky compliment the orangey tones of the rock really well (don’t you just love my technical terminology!). The composition of the rocks leads your eye really nicely into the picture as well. And how still and clear is that water?! Very serene.

  2. What equipment/settings did you use by the way, if you don’t mind sharing?

    • haha, thanks Jo. I know what you mean, and I too have trouble putting my thoughts in words that make sense. The water is fantastic there.

      I was using the 12-24mm lens to get the angle enough to look down into the water nearly at my feet, exposure was 4sec, and aperture F16. I had a Lee 2 stop (I think it was anyway) ND Grad on the sky to control that.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  3. Very nice Stephen, the soft light is just gorgeous. There’s also an interesting effect going on with the blur in the rocks below water and the sharp rocks above water. Plays with one’s sense of perspective.

    I wish we could see a bit more of the tree, as it is now your story about the tree is better than what can be gathered from seeing the image.

    • thanks Flem. it was quite remarkable how the scene was lit. I agree on the tree- that’s one reason why it’s not quite what I’d hoped to get.

      i didn’t have time to try and work the angle better as the light surprised me. I needed to be a few meters to the left- but that was in about 2m of water haha.

  4. What Flemming said, re the rocks above and below the water line.

    To digress a little, your watermark reminds me of Lost!

  5. Great lighting in this image Stephen. Would be nice to see a little more of the tree, I agree with that comment. But regardless it is a sweet shot

    • thanks Luke. 🙂
      yeah I want to head back there and try and find a way to work the right angle. a lot of clambering over rocks had to be done to get to this spot so was limited.

  6. Sensational hues, pinks and that lovely warmth coming off the rocks. Adrian

  7. wow, awesome shot. love the composition and opacity on the water

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