And the quest continues

This is starting to creep on me as my favorite image from my time on the sand dunes in Esperance. It actually was lost in my images from the day and I only got round to looking at it with promise a week or 2 ago. Since then I’m thinking it is the better out of my previous shots. Whether Flem will agree is another thing- and no I didn’t get down low, just thought i’d save you the typing time there Flembot! 😛 haha.

Martian Sunset

Martian Sunset

It’s a much more simplistic image, and a lot more like the standard dune images everyone has- which I think is why I wasn’t drawn to it at the time. But with the ripples, nice clear ridge line and some nice clouds I am happy to post it. Of course some awesome light helps, and this is definitely treated with that! As I mentioned in my previous posts the dunes really were transformed when the golden glow hit them.

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10 responses to “And the quest continues

  1. Haha, thanks for saving me a few key strokes 🙂 In this case though I think you did right in not getting down low – you would have squashed the lovely leading S line leading to the horizon.

    Yes, it’s the best one, I know it’s somewhat similar to others dune shots but simplicity rocks with dunes for me. Simpler the better. To really really be pedantic (and I have to don’t I) I would say, take one step left, have the horizon just a bit higher in the image 🙂 Well done, well done!

    • yes I would have lost the S if I got down low. haha.
      but yeah, I just hate getting an image that looks like everyone elses. quite often it results in me not even bothering to take a photo of an awesome scene, unless I can get my own take on it somehow.

      the lines on the ridge were quite flat unfortunately- but I know what you mean.

      thanks 🙂

  2. Yep I definitely like this one better – the light has made all the difference and also the fact you’ve taken it as a portrait shot. Nice work. and I agree with Flem that maybe just the top of the sky with no clouds in it could be cropped out.

  3. i really get the sensation that the dune face is catching the orange tinted light that’s hugging the earth’s surface – particularly with the darker patches on either side of the ridge. Flem’s suggestion of a step to the left would further emphasise that idea. it’s a tradeoff though, doing away with the more dominant texturing to the lower right.

    • thanks Cain, and yeah the ridge line had pretty flat lines which is why I went a bit further right to get the dominant lines. probably should flip the image so the stronger lines lead in from the left, which is something I always prefer haha 😛

  4. Tony Middleton

    That light certainly did paint them a wonderful pastel colour Stephen – Nice !

  5. Great shot Stephen, wonderful warm pastel colours.

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