Sunset-Avon Valley style

This is an image from the Saturday, where I headed down to Cobblers Pool to see what I could get. I loved this view from early on, but had to wait till 15-20min after sunset before the highlights from the harsh light were manageable. Still a little blow out but at a minor level. So after shooting a few other compositions I returned and shot away.

Remnants of the mighty Avon

Remnants of the mighty Avon

As I mentioned in my previous post- the water level was incredibly low, and not looking at all good for the Avon Descent this weekend. But that low water level was perfect for me! 🙂 The rocks being exposed also lend themselves to the flowing water, creating the fantastic long exposure effects. The foreground here is magic, and I reckon could have worked as an abstract image too. But I ran out of light to try that out haha. Next time! 🙂

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7 responses to “Sunset-Avon Valley style

  1. Those rocks, that water, the colour!

    Geez, 2 posts in the span of 2 days. Your readers are going to start having expectations soon 😉

  2. thanks Charlene- is it just me or do these vertical images on the main page look extra soft compared to when you click on it and look full size? looks weird…. haha.

    and I do surprise every so often! 🙂
    where were you in June?? heaps of posts as you can see on the right in the archives….. July on the other hand was poor…. i’ll make up for it this month!

    • Not you, it’s definitely softer when reduced. I suppose it can’t be helped though.

      I was around in June, read every one of your posts, but 2 months is ancient history in the cosmos of the internet. It breeds a short memory 😉

  3. Oh Flembot is busy these days, can’t keep up with you mate!

    This one has great light and a nicer composition than before. Much more visual tension due to several elements bursting out of the frame, the water, the rocks and the tree at top. Could perhaps take a bit of shadow recovery.

    • thanks Flembot, 2 comments from you on moving water! 😀

      yeah it was a tough exposure due to the extremes in light. there is some detail in the shadows on the master, not an awful lot but some. I wouldn’t know how to pull anymore anyway haha

  4. Nice spot Stephen. We must’ve driven straight past you on Saturday as we were driving down that road. 🙂

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