Kalannie gets invaded…. by photographers

I briefly mentioned before about my trip to Kallanie, a small remote town on the outskirts of the Wheat Belt, so I thought it’s about time I posted something from that trip! I was there for a WAPF (Western Australian Photographic Federation) event that was held there. The mission was that 70 odd photographers, from clubs as far away as Bunbury descend on the town and shoot whatever moves, or doesn’t move as well I spose. We were also there to have some presentations from local photographers Jo Ashworth and Danni McCreery of wheat belt photography. Neal from Spoolphotography also presented some fantastic lessons as well, all in all making for a fantastic weekend.

Refreshing Sunset

Refreshing Sunset

During Saturday afternoon we had some free time to get out and shoot the sunset, so I headed down to the lakes near the town that I’d seen earlier on. There was a drainage ditch leading down into the lake so I thought i’d see what it would provide in the right light. As soon as i’d set up, of course it started to rain, luckily only ever so lightly. It wasn’t worth packing up so I just waited the 5 or so minutes until it had finished. The weather rewarded me for this, for as soon as the rain finished the sun came out, and cast some amazing light across the scene. It has to be perfect timing for this kind of scene as the rain brought out the strong colours of the land, especially the rich reds, and then the strong light topped it off.

Leading up to the event I was honestly not sure what to expect, whether it would be worth going along even. But by the end of the weekend I was 100% glad i’d attended. Neal giving in depth insights into his photography was fantastic, he really didn’t hold back and that sort of lesson you don’t get every day. Jo and Danni also had a great presentation of images and stories, and once again another way to think about, and involve yourself in photography was something very worth while. On top of that it really is a beautiful area. Very different to  what i’m used to in the South West, but beautiful all the same. It’s definitely an area I would like to return to, and only 3 hrs away there really isn’t any reason for me not to! 🙂

The trip should take this however, but on my way up I ended up taking 2hrs longer as for a good 200km, there was pretty much solid fog. Something that has always got me pretty excited for some reason, so can you imagine the delight on my face as I descended a hill not far out of Northam, looking out at this mass of cloud as far as the eye can see…. on the ground! Quite a surreal feeling, and a sight to behold. So after that I was hopeless, stopping the car and jumping into padocks to try and get a shot, going up sideroads to try and get a shot, just going everywhere and anywhere- to only take about 20 images in the end. But I had a beaming smile on my face the whole time haha. And I guess that’s what it’s all about! 🙂

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