Kalannie mission

As I was heading into Kalannie to join the invasion party who had no doubt unleashed hell on the poor townsfolk the previous night, I was blessed to have the cover of fog for much of the trip. It extended my travel time by about 2hrs, but that was only due to me being like a lil kid…. ok, it was due to me just being me! I love fog, always have and I think always will! haha.

Rural Fog

Rural Fog

I snapped a few shots along the way, but was struggling to get anything I was really happy with. It just wasn’t quite coming together for me. Anyway as I was driving along I caught this scene over my right shoulder, and had to stop to try and capture it. I really wish I had a longer lense to get in a bit closer, but working with what I had I was quite happy with this abstract/rural image. The sun was shining intensely on the field, while the surrounding hills were still in shade. To top that off, the edge of the fog was just behind it, fading away to nothingness!

Lifeline of the Wheatbelt

Lifeline of the Wheatbelt

This is another image from the sunset shoot previously posted on. After the light came on strong, it went back behind the clouds. But even still it kept some lovely light across the sky. The drainage ditch then transformed, so using it in the foreground I took this almost cloudscape image.

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10 responses to “Kalannie mission

  1. Hi Stephen,

    Both great photos but I do really like the first one. Shots of yellow and green fields really attract my eye. I do like the way you’ve managed to capture the clouds in the mini creek though as well.


    • thanks Jamie, it was cool seeing the light hitting the middle field like that.

      and the clouds almost look like a HDR I reckon. for some reason came on really strong, glad you like them too

  2. Good story and like Jamie says, the first one has great elements. If only you had a longer lens you could compress it and simplify it even more. But it still looks ince.

    • thanks Flem, yeah even when I was there I was spewing that I didn’t have something with a bit more zoom. would have liked to get right on in there!
      I can always crop it I spose and get the image I want…. and print to a massive 3inches or something! haha

  3. Wow Stephen you are going from strength to strengh
    I really like those two. Then I am a farm gal at heart.

  4. Like ’em both but #1 with that golden strip is really cool! I would also like to see a zoomed/compressed version, similar to that of Christian’s near Pemberton, I think he used a fixed 400mm for it? Hmm… It would be nice to spend some $’s on some glass!

    • thanks Matt. yeah I only have a 70-300 so wish I had a 400 to play with for this one.

      i’ve actually got an image taken out of inspiration of the Fletcher image you’ve spoken of. It’s not worked for me, but i’m going to actually put it up here for you guys to have a play with in processing. reckon it can come up ok with a bit of work, but I really don’t play around with them, and don’t even know what to do when I want to play haha. just a bit of mucking around but check it out anyway! šŸ™‚

  5. I think I actually like the bottom pic Stephen, The clouds make the shot and the composition is nice. You have been busy since I last checked out your blog, probably should look more often ah.

    • Thanks Pete. The clouds were amazing so it definitely worked well in a more cloud orientated image. Glad you like it.
      And yes, I have been busy haha. Lots more to come, and then I head to the Pilbara where I hope you don’t get sick of red dirt, red dirt and more red dirt šŸ™‚

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